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Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

Updated on September 21, 2012



The Law of Chaos

The Law of Chaos is based on the principle that no two people will perceive anything in this world in exactly the same way. Because we depend on our perceptions to make sense of the world, each other and our experiences, we each inhabit different worlds. What we each believe to be true differs depending on each person’s perspective.

When one person passes a field with freshly cut grass he smiles as he remembers summer days playing as a boy with his friends. Another person may reach for her Ventolen Inhaler before her breathing gets any worse. The memory of the rape is repressed and the only way that the memory can be acknowledged is covertly through her asthmatic reaction.

The freshly cut grass holds very different meanings for both these individuals as it does for everyone. It is the meaning we each attach to people, places and experiences that colour our world. This meaning we attach to people, places and things in our lives determines our perception and also maintains the illusion of separateness we feel from each other.

Repression Release and Abreaction

Hypnosis enables us to suspend judgement and unhook meaning we attach to people, places, things and experiences. By releasing the emotions associated with them we free ourselves of the physical symptoms that symbolise the judgements we have made.

In psychotherapy this release of emotion is called ‘abreaction’ or repression release and is like burning a match. Once the match is burned you cannot get it back again and so it is with the symptoms you release through abreaction.

Reality and Perception

It is our perception and hence the meaning we give to people, places, things and experiences that create our reality. This is how we each experience a different reality. Even our own self perception is governed by the judgements we make about ourselves which in turn determines the quality of the life we each live.

Hypno-Psychotherapy provides the opportunity to examine our subconscious beliefs in order to become aware of the forces that create our reality. It is through developing this awareness that we are enabled to regain our power to consciously choose the reality we desire and in effect manipulate so called reality to suit ourselves.

There is little point in trying to convince someone that it is their own self perception that is causing the pain in their life when they hold the belief that such an idea is ridiculous. It is only by suspending the belief that stands in the way of their healing can any progress be made and this is the function of hypnosis in the therapy.

Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic, Peel, Isle of Man

Hypno-Psychotherapy uses hypnosis to suspend our limiting beliefs and allows access to the subconscious. It is in addressing our core beliefs about ourselves and the world at the subconscious level that makes this a very powerful and effective therapy.

Xavier and Mary Nathan have been successfully practising Hypno-Psychotherapy at Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man and if you live in the Isle of Man and would like to speak to them in person about the work they do, please, Tel: 01624 842938 to book a no obligation free initial consultation or visit their website.

Hypno-Psychotherapy for Healing

Following is a video created by Xavier and Mary Nathan to explain the work they do in the Isle of Man and how Hypno-Psychotherapy can be used effectively to change self perception in order to affect healing.

Hypnotherapy to Correct Self-Perception


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