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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Updated on January 6, 2011

Hypno-Psychotherapy for Weight Loss

AS A Man Thinketh So He Is

Your thoughts and feelings create your reality

You are the highest authority in your own life. Your thoughts, words and actions create your reality. You are therefore responsible for your reality. If in your reality you are overweight it is because you have dwelled on thoughts and feelings that propelled you to overeat and so created the physical symptom of being overweight. You don’t deliberately set out to become overweight but rather it is a natural consequence of the way you think and feel for most of the time. Your thoughts and feelings are the instructions being sent to your subconscious describing what you want it to create for you. Your subconscious takes your instructions literally whether what you are thinking and feeling is bad for you or not. Once your subconscious has accepted your instructions it then creates a program that runs until you give your subconscious alternative instructions.

Subconscious reasons for being overweight

If you have suffered the trauma of being abused as a child then thoughts and feelings of vulnerability could have created armour in the form of the fat you now wrap yourself in to protect you. What if you are a woman married to a man you have grown to abhor? What if his very touch disgusts you? Can you imagine how these thoughts and feelings could create for you a body that he feels repulsed by and you achieve your goal...he no longer touches you? Perhaps you do not have the courage to leave him so the next best thing would be to get him to leave you alone at night.

Being abused is not the only reason why a person subconsciously creates the physical symptom of being overweight. There are many reasons for the overweight condition and mostly the reasons do not make logical sense. Logic, analysing and reasoning are all part of what we do consciously and has no part to play at the subconscious level. That is why we have no conscious control over what we create subconsciously.

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Hypno-Psychotherapy to treat being overweight

In order to change a physical symptom like being overweight we must access the subconscious to find the emotional root cause and replace the program with what we wish to create in its place.

At the Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic here in the Isle of Man we use a combination of both Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to address the problem. We teach our clients how to suspend their analysing critical conscious minds using hypnosis so they can access their subconscious and address the problem at the root. In the same way that you would not leave the roots of a weed in the ground if you wanted to be rid of it permanently you would not ignore the root cause of your overweight. Our weight loss program is an ethical and balanced approach to a very complex issue and our success rate reflects that the balanced approach though it may take longer works and is lasting.

Diets and Hypnotherapy

Diets normally don’t work in the long term and the effort required is exhausting and emotionally draining. Who wants to be fighting with themselves over food for the rest of their lives? The conflict arises because you are trying to consciously control a subconscious urge that you created in the first place to fulfil an emotional need that makes no sense logically. When the conscious and subconscious are in conflict the subconscious will inevitably win out. So while the diet may work in the short term you see the weight creeping back on and before you know it you back to square one again. If however you have addressed the problem at the subconscious level then the conscious mind can direct the subconscious to create the new program of feeling thin, fit and healthy and that becomes your reality. During this time it would be ideal for you to adopt a sensible diet exercise regime. I have found the Dukan Diet plan, which also includes sensible exercise, to be highly effective. It is a balanced approach to becoming thin, fit and healthy once the emotional root cause has been addressed. With the Dukan Diet you are never hungry because you can always eat certain food when you get peckish but only that food listed on the allowed list of food for that purpose.

About the Healing Power of Hypnosis in Therapy


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