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Hypnotherapy for Pain

Updated on December 3, 2012

Hypnosis For Pain

Hypnotherapy is starting to become a more acceptable way for people to manage their pain. In particular it is increasingly being used by pregnant women to manage the pain that is experienced in childbirth. The common term for this is Hypnobirthing and it is a technique that is now so common that the NHS are even conducting major studies into its benefits. Women are taught self hypnosis and this then enables them manage and control their own pain. Studies have already shown that this form of pain control reduces the need for drugs to be used during the birth and generally helps the woman to have a quicker and easier birth.

Using hypnotherapy to control other forms of pain is less well known however it is something that can be taught quickly and easily and make a real difference to a persons quality of life. It is especially useful in control chronic pain which has hung around for considerably longer than the normal period of healing.

Doctors will tend to prescribe strong pain killers and in some cases anti depressants to their patients but in many cases they will not make a great difference to the person who is suffering. This is because in many cases pain is psychological as well as physical. Concentrating on a painful condition and stressing and worrying about it will only make it get steadily worse.

Hypnotherapists will always check with a doctor or a consultant first before agreeing to work with a client for a pain related issue. This is important as pain is there to tell you that you have a problem and it stops you from injuring yourself further. A hypnotherapist will want to understand why their clients are experiencing that pain before attempting to reduce the problem just in case they could make matters worse.

Certain types of pain respond to hypnosis particularly well in particular IBS pain which has been shown in trials to be significantly reduced through the use of hypnosis. Using pain control with cancer patients is also particularly beneficial and can reduce tumour pain, pain from needles or even the pain that is associated with their chemotherapy. This is especially useful as many drugs have side effects whereas hypnosis is entirely natural and has no distressing symptoms. Hypnotherapy for pain control can also be useful for migraines, arthritis, back pain and even phantom limb pain.

When choosing a hypnotherapist for pain control it is important to choose a practitioner who specialises in this area. There are not many who are trained in this area as it is not common in a typical practice. Choosing someone who actively works with pain clients on a daily basis makes all the difference as it means that they will have the techniques and skills to make a difference.


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