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Hypnotize in 5 steps

Updated on February 5, 2016


If you want to learn the hypnosis then we will teach you this skills

1.Choose the Person

First choose the person who is interested in hypnosis. He may be your friend your your siblings

2.Lie the subject on soft surface

Now ask the person to lie on the soft surface,it may be the bed or sofa

3.Make the hypnosis environment

You need to dim the light and make everything calm and relaxed.

4.Ask the person to sleep

Now ask the person to sleep you can show him the hypnosis pictures or just count 50 to 1 to make him/her sleep.

5.Hypnotize the person

Now person is going into conscious state now its time to control his mind and hypnotize him by your voice

It is just the process to hypnotize but only professionals only can do in right manner.


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