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Updated on June 19, 2013
These are just some of the symptoms that people may experiance during Hypothermia.
These are just some of the symptoms that people may experiance during Hypothermia.
The H.E.L.P posture may be useful for conserving body heat.
The H.E.L.P posture may be useful for conserving body heat.


Hypothermia is a issue in which the human body starts to lose heat faster then it can produce. The average chance to get Hypothermia when your outside in the cold is not much, but that all changes depending on time and your clothes.

If you are well prepared and ready to go in the cold then you have nothing to worry about, but I cannot say the same for those who are not ready.

You see it does not matter how brave, tough, or strong you are but what matters is appropriate wear. Hypothermia is a condition that happens when your outside and not well dressed for a prolonged time.

During this time your body usually supplies heat, but if to much of the body starts getting cold then heat will start to scatter.

Eventually to much of the body will get cold and thus cause your inside temperature to drop which can be very fatal.

Since there is to much cold and your body cannot supply enough heat you will start feeling very cold, and most likely start shivering. Left untreated Hypothermia can cause long term respiratory problems, as well as death.

If you or someone that you know has Hypothermia they must be rushed to the hospital immediately.

Prevention & H.E.L.P

The only reason for there to be Hypothermia is because of being out in the cold for to long without proper wear. The best way to prevent Hypothermia is dress well when you are going out in the cold because if you have good clothes you wont get cold. Also be aware of the temperature outside, if it is to cold and you can spare the day inside it's not a bad idea to do so. Watch out for random shivering in your body because that is your body's way of trying to heat itself so watch for that. If you are outside and start feeling the symptoms of Hypothermia then these things wont have to much meaning anymore since you can't go back in time and change them. The H.E.L.P position might be a good idea if you are outside and don't see any shelter. The H.E.L.P is an acronym for heat escape lessening position and, is a simple procedure that helps conserve body heat so that you don't get Hypothermia. Find a good place to stay and cuddle yourself into a ball like position. This way a lot of body heat is conserved and is a good way of delaying cold for a while.


Hypothermia is a very deadly illness, and you should seek immediate medical attention if possible. The following are some of the symptoms Hypothermia patients may feel.

- Shivering

- Confusion

- Blurred eyesight

- Weak pulse

- Slow breathing

- Lack of concentration

Of course like I said these may only be some of the symptoms present. The main symptom of course is feeling very cold and shivering, at this time you need to find some type of shelter. If you have wet clothes immediately take them off, wrap yourself around with a blanket and seek immediate medical attention.

Avoid mountainous regions like this because it is the worst place to get Hypothermia at.
Avoid mountainous regions like this because it is the worst place to get Hypothermia at.


Once you are at the hospital they will immediately check you. If you have mild or less severe hypothermia then you will obviously feel better faster than a person with more sever Hypothermia. If you are diagnosed with hypothermia then there will be some procedure that will help make the body get warmer. Of course some of the Hypothermia can be cured at home such as wrap yourself or the victim in a warm blanket, put on some warm clothes and be very gentle. As for the medical side there is a procedure known as "Blood Warming." In this procedure the doctor will take out some blood, warm it then stream it back into the body. This way the blood gets warmer again making the recovery process easier. Another way is having an injection of warm saltwater, or something else that makes the blood warm into your body.


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