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Updated on May 6, 2011


Having babies and building a family are things most of us take for granted and indeed, for most of us things go like clockwork and all is well.

Of course for others the problems that are encountered can range from small to absolutely enormous and in some cases can lead to tragic consequences.

This was brought home to us starkly recently . My son"s wife has had problems conceiving for over 2 years, despite taking professional help and giving due attention to the advice received.

Despite this things were not improving and although a womb scan revealed nothing more than a slight fallopian tube problem last August, which was addressed, the long hoped for news came not.

A further scan early this year really set alarm bells ringing as a "growth was revealed in the womb and it was growing at an alarming rate. Thankfully biopsy revealed it to be non malignant, but clearly action had to be taken and fears of hysterectomy were prevelent.

Eventually the Medics decided that a course of 3 injections would reduce the chance of womb damage under surgery to remove the growth was then undertaken

.This took place last week and an8 inch growth weighing 7lbs was removed along with another smaller growth. Thus, we now await the results after convalescence and hope, as ever, springs eternal

I cover this ground, as clearly others will have gone through similar situations and even more fond conceiving a problem. It is a problem that inevitably spreads to engulf the family and it is hard to know just how to be of help.

Getting Informed.

As with all things, knowledge is power, and whilst we all take natural conception for granted, when problems are encountered they can floor even the most logical of us. That is why for anyone having a problem in conceiving or even taking it as a natural course, a handy "Bible" on the problem is well worth having available. One real such aid is on my link below and I

am sure that all concerned will find it a comfort and a big aid in piloting the way to a happy conception and delivery.

As I said, we tend, certainly I did, to take things for grated in these areas andeffectively end up "fire fighting" when things go wrong. As with everything "failing to prepare is preparing to fail". Do not let that happen to you and yours and get yourself infomed so that whatever your role in the continuance of human life is, at whatever time, that when you are thus invoved, you are informed, prepared and able to deal with those problems that have to be faced.Keep you "Bible" available and be the rock that you need to be in those difficult days.We are still working our way through things day by day.


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