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I Cannot Fall Asleep At Night ... Understanding Your Body's Rhythm

Updated on June 22, 2011

Understanding Your Body's Rhythm

Understanding Your Body's Rhythm

The best way to prevent the occurrence of sleep problems is to understand your body’s own 24 hour rhythm and to schedule your bedtime so that you can get 7-8 hours of sleep.

Each of us has our own private alarm clock imbedded in our sleep/wake centre that is designed to send out a signal in reaction to light and dark. At night, the clock sends out a cue to our internal pharmacy to begin to supply us with “the drugs” we need to help make us sleepy and eventually to bring us into a deep sleep once we lie down in bed. In the morning, when light penetrates our eye lids, another signal is sent to our clock to withdraw “the drugs” so that we are no longer sleepy and can wake up and face the day refreshed.

Your own body rhythm will also alert you as to when you are most likely to feel sleepy in the afternoon so you can avoid tasks that are not stimulating enough to keep in engrossed. And watch out for the urge to wake yourself up with another cup of coffee accompanied by a sugary high carb snack. Take a short walk outside instead or close your eyes for 15 minutes. We harm both our waistline and our clock’s rigid timing when we try to override that tired feeling at 3 p.m. by snacking instead of giving our body a little time to rest or find a physical way to rejuvenate.

Become in tune with your body’s natural clock and it will keep proper time and help you fall asleep quickly and naturally and sustain sleep until morning. Your clock should not vary that much from other people’s and bed time and wake up should be the same 24/7.

If you already have sleep problems – don’t turn to drugs – instead try a safe and proven method of re-setting your sleep clock with CES technology such as found in The Sleep Genie. It works with your body’s natural electrical component to gently and easily adjust your internal clock back to its normal rhythm so that it can get back to its role of releasing the natural chemicals we are each endowed with to trigger natural sleep.


Understanding Your Body's Rhythm


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