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My Selfish Friend - Alcohol!

Updated on November 14, 2013

It's No Big Deal. Everyone Drinks A Little!

It comes in so innocently; offering you a little sip when it's not "legal", showing up at parties with friends. You say "Everyone does it".

Your parents drink. Your dad has a little wine every morning. This selfish friend has made him believe that it helps him get his day started. You don't remember your dad drinking at night but you remember the arguing. He spent too much time at the bar after work. Actually, you always loved going to the bar with him! His friends would buy you candy bars and soda. You never thought that the arguing was about the drinking, it was about the bar. But then most nights, he would fall asleep on the couch even before our bedtime. You thought it was because he worked hard.

So sipping a little wine when you were young wasn't seen as bad. And when you turned 18 (the legal age then), your mom gave you a twisted soda bottle. She laughed when she said that would be the way you would look the next morning! A little twisted! Alcohol makes you sick...and that's funny! Right?

Well, everyone does it! So the selfish friend is welcomed into your life!

It's A Sneaky Friendship.

It's starts out, so innocently. You want to be social. You want to be part of the group. So you have a drink, maybe two on the weekend. You think that it makes you less shy, more funny. You like being part of the gang. So you have a couple more.

The next morning, your head hurts something fierce, but you smile. Everyone smiles! "What's the matter? Have a little too much to drink last night?" It's funny. Now you're really part of the gang! Seems this has happened to them too!

The occasional weekend event increases to a few nights during the week. It's great going out with your friends. Sometimes your friends can't go out but you go anyway. There's plenty of people at the bar and with a drink or two, you know you'll get to know them too!

What the heck, even if no one is there, the drink will keep you company!

At Some Point, The Drink Becomes Your Best Friend

You don't remember exactly when it happened or how it happened but soon you drink every day. You don't need to go to the bar anymore because you're best friend now lives with you. And when you do venture out, it seems that all those other people are just idiots. They don't understand you anymore.

You don't care!

Instead, you and your best friend spend hours together every night. You're thankful for this friendship. You say, "It helps me sleep."

And Then Alcohol Becomes Possessive!

The alarm goes off in the morning but you don't hear it. So you're late for work but how can that be your fault? Your boss writes you up anyway which just makes you angry! I mean really. It wasn't your fault!

That night, you are still angry until your friend, Alcohol, calms you down.

You sleep through yet another alarm and your boss fires you for no good reason! How can it be your fault that the stupid alarm isn't loud enough to wake you up? Whatever! This job was no good anyway! You are sure that you will find someone else who will truly appreciate your skills, so you go out to celebrate with your friend! It was just a stupid job! You're glad to be free of it!

Nobody else is around to celebrate with you. Stupid people! They call themselves friends? It doesn't matter. You'll find other friends; people who will really appreciate your humor and intelligence!

In the meantime, you have everything you need right here in this drink!

Then It Robs You Of Everything

You find another job and then another and another! Each one disappears for various reasons. It's not your fault, though. It's just that people are all idiots.

But the bills are piling up and there's no money coming in. Your faithful friend, Alcohol, helps you sleep. It's only when you're sleeping that you are not so afraid.

You lose your home, ignore the bills (you can't pay them anyway). A person here and there offers to give you a place to stay and that works...for awhile, but soon they tell you that you have to find something else. You don't know what the problem is but whatever! Sleeping in your car is not that bad!

And you always find a way to have your friend, Alcohol, there with you. It helps you sleep and sleeping is when you're not afraid.

An Unfortunate True Story!

I have a brother who became a victim of this selfish friend, alcohol. It robbed him of a normal life, and then left him, broken and alone. He passed away on March 25, 2013.

In the End, It Leaves You Broken!

What happened? You fell that's all! All you wanted was for someone to help you up!

Instead they call 911. Seems you broke your hip. So you're in a hospital and then a rehabilitation center. Looks like a nursing home to you! They say that you have some kind of cancer too but they don't tell you much. Stupid people.

Your sisters come to visit you and that's ok. They bring you movies to watch but you say that you've seen them all. They ask how you like the food and you say "It's ok". And then you say,

"I've been meaning to ask you for one thing." They say "What?" And you say...

"I was just wondering if you could bring me a beer!"


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