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Updated on December 10, 2010


 Medical Sciences may or may not be an EXACT science! At least that is my conclusion after my visit to the Cancer Consultant Team yesterday. Readers will recall that having initially been  settled on 4 doses of CHOP Chemo, that at my previous visit it was extended to 6 to assist in mopping up" operations after the excellent response to treatment. As a result CT Scan 3 was put back till after yesterday"s consultation, when no fresh evidence was available to the team.

That not withstanding, having again enthused at my progress, the Consultant, then advised me that the team had decided on a further CHOP dose as a preventative measure against any renewal of activity by the T-Cell Lymphoma that had been zapped on the periphery of my liver.That took me back a bit, but after discussion, I was happy to accept it, with the caveat that I would have preferred to know at Day 1 if 7 ,not 6 or 4 doses were in the mix. It appears that this cannot be, for the Mediics, like most of us, need "wriggle room" for their plans.

Thus, next Friday will see CHOP 7 , subject to vacancy, administered and thus, hopefully the end at last of CHOP for me, but we must now not take that as Gospel! At the same time the LUMBAR PUNCTURE programme is to proceed as planned, as they are very certain this is needed to fully eliminate the  "Hot Spot" that was present on CT1, but not CT 2, on my chin end. The concern here, as previously explained, is to avoid unwanted development that could attack brain and/or spinal cord/

A physical examination of my body, saw the Consultant again enthusing on progress and advising be that I was "very strong", which was reassuring in the circumstances and does aid the PMA on occasions such as these ,when plans are changed and time extended. Now, a further CT Scan is being arranged  for post Christmas and to follow on Jan 6, a further consultation with the results available, which I hope will be the definitive meeting on the whole thing, though experience now says it is important to be flexible on this. At the same time, whilst not advising booking just yet, the Consultant advised that we may be able to get a holiday for 6/9 weeks ahead and this helps the forward looking process and of course, PMA sustainability. So, on to Christmas with a flurry of activity, confirming that we were wise to decide that home had to be the place this year!


The injections to boost the immune system during Chemo and my body do not get on well and irritation is the best way to describe the effect on the body, making it tingle in the extremities and generally reduce energy levels in my personal experience. This time, my 5 injections are under a new brand name, FILGRASTIM instead of RATIOGRASTIM. The Dist Nurse checked they were the same stuff but this set and me are at odds with the result that yesterday was not the best. I was dozing for most of the morning and after the Hospital trip, not comfortable during the evening at all. A reasonable night in bed seems to have improved things, though the extremities still tingle and keyboarding this is not really pleasant. Still 2 down ,3 to go this trip so we will just have to bear it a bit longer. At the same time, it is worth recording that despite the inclement weather and further doses, I have remained free from infection to date, so the injections must be doing their job as well! 


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