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Updated on April 4, 2011


Recent Hubs have focused on CHEMOTHERAPY INDUCED NEUROTHOPY and especially the role of DOXORUBICIN, ONE OF 4 CHOP Constituents in causing this as a key side effect. As a result I have been asked now to focus on the other elements involved in the Treatment and any side effects they may bring also.

First in line is the "C" in CHOP, namely, CYCLOPHOSEMIDE. hard enough to spell and pronounce for a start! The drug is given, in CHOP via a cannula direct into the rear of the wrist area usually, though it can be in tablet form apparently. The drug is a key composite for CHOP Treatment in case of Non- Hodgkin"s Disease such as attacked me. Together with the other 3 elements it provides a highly effective way of dealing with affected cells but like the others is not able to discern between affected and non affected cells, hence the problem of side effects.


The first thing to be noted here are the similarities that exist with SOME of the side effects attributed to Doxorubicin. Clearly, in their effective activity against Lymphoma they are complimentary and it is thus, not too surprising that they exhibit the same type of side effects in lots of cases. Check Hub /36 for Doxorubicin side effects and then compare with the list below for CYCLOPHOSPHEMIDE. Again I have put + alongside those that affected, or still affect, me personally and x where they have not.

Lowered resistance to infection- Neutropenia. +

Bleeding from gums, nose etc. +. I only experienced these quite early on in the Treatments.

Anemia { lowering of red cells} causing tiredness and breathlessness + . I experienced these

after the halfway point of Treatment in the main.

Hair Loss. +.Experienced from early days and now returning steadily after 3 months since last Treatment.

Heart. Damage to muscle. + My lower ventricular ejection fraction is shown to have reduced from 55% to 35% but there is no discernible effect or restriction of activity.

Effects causing sickness, nausea, loss of appetite, liver damage, skin problems, lung dis-function. x

Mouth Ulcers. + Affected after each treatment for 6/ 10 days afterwards.

On a personal level, I feel I have been fortunate with the side effects above as even those experienced have been slight or only prevent for a short time.


My General Health continues to improve. I am now 17 days into a sensible exercise regime. My mobility has been impaired over the past 8 months in range of movement of my joints but it improves with each daily session, whilst the cardiovascular system benefits strongly from the 1.6 kilometer power walking sessions daily on the treadmill. Today we supplemented that with a 50 minute Country Park walk in the cool Spring air which was also invigorating in itself. Tonight we venture to London to see Petr Kay perform, another sign that things are hopefully returning to what passes for normality in my lifestyle!

The next Hub will cover the final 2 elements of CHOP, including STEROIDS, a word that normally installs fear into me but apparently is a key element of Chop treatment. Why etc to be explained then.


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