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Updated on December 15, 2010


Before concentrating on the main business of this blog, I am advised this is HUB 100 from me to be published on the site, the vast majority plotting things since the diagnosis of the t-Cell Lymphoma after the perforated bowel operation back in July How time flies {or not} under such circumstances. I am given to understand that a Cancer Charity is looking to edit and print in booklet form, my observations on these pages as a means of assisting others. This is most humbling and it is a realisation in a way, of one of the reasons I have written the hubs, hoping that as well as assisting my own focus ,that they may be of value to others in a similar situation. There is no doubt that being told you are a victim focuses the mind and other thoughts are often relinquished or at best, pushed to the back of the thought process.Writing these has helped me get things into a more even focus, for life, as they say, goes on and even though the Chemo is restricting as to what can be attempted, there are still things of a more mundane nature to be undertaken. Thus, I am in the warm doing this at the computer, whilst my wife faces the cold to undertake gardening duty once more. She finds this her own therapy from looking after, and dealing with me and if you ever wondered what a focused mind is like, can I invite you to view her sweeping up the oak leaves that fall on HER lawn from the tree on the other side of our fence on the bridle path! That truly is singled minded focus and dedication, done at least 3 times weekly at this time of year.!

Today was blood test day ahead of Friday Chemo time and after our visit to the Hospital, we returned home to receive a phone call for the date of my CT Scan ahead of meeting the Consultancy team in January. The organisation that books the slots is located some 50 plus miles from the Hospital as the CT unit is one which covers the region and is set inside a pantechnicon and based, for me ,at another Hospital 7 miles from here.The ladies who do the bookings are excellent but sometimes the Hospital information given to them is sparse and causes confusion.

Thus, they have earmarked me for attendance on Dec 22, same day as my lumbar puncture 2. This threw the booking lady and took us into quite long and detailed discussion on my forthcoming treatments and whether they would conflict with the CT Scan procedures.Eventually, there being to be no food taken for 6 hours before the scan, we worked out that PROVISIONALLY, I would have the lumbar under a local anesthetic at the agreed time of 10am, giving me a breakfast deadline of 8.30am to take me on to a 14.50 hrs CT Scan. However, this is all subject to her discussing with the Chemo and Lumbar teams that all will be in order for all 3 areas to provide what is required of them. Appointment collision we call it here and it is trying to say the least, when all you want is for things to be completed at the earliest possible moment so that another step out of the dark woods can be achieved. Patience is a virtue I am short on {cannot have everything} but I have learned from this experience to not dwell on matters outside my own aegis, so I await confirmation, or otherwise of what is planned for Dec 22nd.

Side effects situation.

The information on side effects seems to be of strong interest, so after 3 days now of no immune booster injkections, I report continued improvement in fingers and toes, though thighs still slab-like. Abdominal discomfort continues to reduce also and chest tightness and soreness has gone altogether. As advised on last blog Iintend to discuss these at the Chemo session, hopefully with a Doctor from the team to see if, at least some modification can be introduced in view of the side effects and the double whammy of lumbar and CtScan, the day before the next 5 are timed to begin. That just seems overload to me but I will be guided by the man in the white coat.

Finally, thank you for being with me and you might find particularly, some of the early I HAVE A LYMPHOMA hubs interesting to revisit. Alot has happened in 6 months and a lot of it to my thought processes it seems


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