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Updated on December 19, 2010


For a cancer patient treatment days concentrate the mind, as I have mentioned previously. Thus, today being Chop7 of what was originally 4, I ventured forth with not only hope but also a clear perspective of what I wished to know now regarding my treatment.

The signs were good as projected snowfall did not materialise and waiting time, given that I was a late insert to the day for the clinic was very reasonable. Just enough time to complete the customer survey form they gave me and to record what a brilliant job they all do there with the limits on their resources. Best of all for my personal agenda was that my nurse for the procedure was Ann, the Manager of the clinic. She had done 2 previous procedures on me and so we knew each other well and get on fine, as I have found with all the Staff.

Thus after the logistics of confirming blood being up to the mark and weighing me{up again}, for the order to Pharmacy to make up the correct level of doses for the CHOP constituents, I was able to press on with my queries and requests for consideration/alteration this time.

Readers will know my concern of the side effects of the immune booster, especially after CHOP 6 and my concern that my body really did not take to it and let me know in various and not pleasant ways. I asked if the Doctor could modify this in some way this time as I did not want to feel over Christmas as I had done with the injections in full flow last week. She took my views forward and rand the Head Consultant, Dr Cervi, and returned with the good news that he was content to have the injections withdrawn this time and a pill or two to take their place with the understanding that I would immediately call and come in if I had any adverse situations such as high temperature, fever etc. This mirrored the position when I went NEUTROPENIC, a couple or so weeks ago.Result ! However, i must now record displeasure of Number 1 son when told the news. He believes I am putting myself at risk by requesting what I did and only the solemn assurances of Nurse wife to take my temperature, anally if necessary, every 4 hours brought calm to us all once more. Trouble with kids is you tell them all you know as they grow up and think they take no notice, then years later you realise they did and know just as much as you do, especially about yourself! I will do it different next time! By the way temperature readings so far are spot on.

Following my {admittedly unexpected} success in the injection area, I was even more buoyant than before and the whole Chemo dose passed so quickly and as usual without discomfort, I hardly had time to drink the tea and crisps brought to us on station. As I say, you could not be treated better anywhere in the world. Chop 7 done! Is it the last? Again ANN was excellent. She knew this one was to keep things rolling till the Scan and advised that they may want me to have CHOP 8, to be sure, to be sure{she is Irish!}, after the results were in. Without those additional injections I hope if it has to be done! Anyway for now all is good and we look forward to a busy week next week on the treatment front.


Minus the injections which would have begun on Weds through Sunday [yes, Christmas and Boxing day included] next week sees quite a busy time on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday is my visit to the Urology Consultant over the polyurea problem. This has settled into a 2 hourly regime now it seems. Thus 2,4,6,8 hours after sleep time, whenever that is and no matter the time variance, I get the call and have to leave the warmth of the duvet for to cold of the en-suite tiles without fail. I can tell when my wife is really exhausted as she does not hear me get up or return as was the case last night for example. We await to see if the verdict is to find the CHOP guilty or some other unknown, as yet to me, factor.

Whilst waiting in the clinic, I received a call to say the Medics had conferred and we are good to go for Wednesday afternoon at 16.40, not 14.50 as previously arranged as they had an urgent case to deal with. Perversely that cheered me also, for it confirms I must be on the mend at least. Number 2 son says I look like FOO-MAN CHOU {no hair on head or eye lashes but I think Fu Man had a Mandarin moustache?}. Ann says hair grows a bit during treatment and accelerates once it ceases. Even so I have not shaved for 5 months and have no moustache. That being the case, family members have our own Christmas card for posterity, of myself and wife by the Christmas tree with me in finest non hair vision. They will find it useful to frighten the children if nothing else.!


.I had 2 telephone calls from fellow apartment owners in our complex in Egypt, Graham and Joan, today. 1 before and 1 after CHOP. We are in touch mostly by e-mail but to receive phone calls as today is a lifting experience and as I have said before does wonders for the PMA. Hearing Graham today took me at once to our Roof Terrace and to Mina"s Bar where we spend hours when there at the same time putting things to rights and often agreeing to disagree which is no bad thing. My resolve to be there again was thus strengthened by the couple of calls from Yorkshire evoking memories of the Land of the Pharaohs. You cannot put a price on that you know but trust me, it is things like that which help so much when you are on that seemingly lonely walk through the dark woods. If I have learned anything from this experience it is that you are not alone unless you determine so to be. In my case my long suffering and caring wife, my family, friends, associates and erstwhile colleagues have all contributed to getting me through so far and hopefully to a fully completed position in the new year. They are key members of my POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE TEAM. and as all the Medics and Nurses tell me, having PMA is a vital part of recovery alongside the medical treatment. I fully endorse that and send my thanks to all who have played their part in JWA"S PMA Team. You have truly raised me up by all your contributions and I hope, should you read this, that you will accept my heartfelt thanks for what you have done for me throughout this ordeal. Quite simply folks, "Thanks for everything. So far so good!"



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