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Updated on January 4, 2011


 As the days progress and a period of "between treatments" obtains, keeping focused becomes more of a task I find, testing as it does PMA,whilst also testing boredom levels to the full. The Festive period did little or nothing to assist, even though it was a pleasant time. The sting in that tale is that my poor wife has gone down with a virus infection, amazingly similar to the one that beset her family last week! Maybe a moral there! Keep away from extended families springs to mind..As I am susceptible to such attacks through a low immunity system at the moment, this is a bit worrying and she has isolated herself to Bedroom 2 for sleeping. She is, thankfully, blessed with a strong system for such adversity and will hopefully shrug it off in a couple of days time as she usually does.,

The problem of being in between treatments as well as boredom, is that due to the treatment energy levels are still low, the weather is grim, precluding any performable outside exercise and enforcing a general attitude of depression. This, I am aware is a combination spelling danger to the patient and efforts have to be made to avoid sliding into an abyss of negativity. Television may help but can get addictive, so breaking the day into ad hoc segments is essential. For me that means reading, cooking sending and receiving e-mails and other computer activity, interspersed with essential trips for provisions as one day merges into the next.

PMA demands that whilst enduring these drab days, focus on the important days ahead is maintained fully. Thus, 2 blood tests tomorrow are a welcome harbinger of progress to Thursday ant the next Lumbar Puncture. The latter means a further 8/10 days then of subsequent side effects but will mean 75% of these will then be complete. I can live with that if my thighs, feet, and hands especially can! The effect is to make you feel physically like a being that has been constructed in Frankenstein"s laboratory.

Then, of course, there is the visit to the Consultant, who will, complete with PET/CT Scan 3 advise on the prognosis for the future! As with one due to be executed in the near future I suppose this does exercise the mind and feelings swing between optimism and pessimism almost hourly. Soon, however , that will be passed and reality, whatever it may reveal will determine the next stage.As indicated on an earlier Hub, my PMA takes in both another Lumbar and Chemo, the latter provisionally booked for Friday which would bring the week to a busy conclusion after all the previous inactivity recently and determine not only the next stage but a review of PMA. It is too early to think much of this at the moment but all changes in 48 hours!


To put the above in order so to speak, here is the current timetable for the end of the week.

Wednesday. Blood Tests. 1 for Lumbar, 1 for projected additional Chemo.

Thursday. 1. Intrathecal injected via Lumbar Puncture. 2. Meeting with Consultant.

Friday. Projected Chemo to be CHOP/8.


Inevitably, this is then followed by a long period of inactivity and for the first time since last July, I do not know currently will then follow. A bit scary really, but Thursday will provide the answers and determine at least, the short term future. We shall, as ever, see, in the fullness of time.


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