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Updated on January 10, 2011


 The news of my in full remission of the T-Cell Lymphoma received last week, was tempered somewhat by the wishes of my Medical team to put me forward for consideration for high dose Chemo and stem cell treatment in a London Hospital, to be done over 3/4 weeks in isolation.The procedure, designed to mitigate strongly against return of the T-Cell, carries caveats in that it is normally stopped when the patient is 65 years of age and then carries an increased risk of mortality, said to be around 6%. Fine if you are in the 94% I suppose.

My initial further research has done nothing to make up my mind either way on this and I will have to attend on a meeting with the Professor at the London Hospital before firming any opinion. He, of course, may reject me, and remove the need for my making any decision. at all.

However, information is power, so I began my personal search with the excellent UK Cancer Charity, MACMILLAN, who again did not disappoint. This is an all round excellent organisation for sufferers and carers alike, on all aspects of Cancer.Simply put, the stem cell transplant, where used allows for higher doses of Chemo to be administered than normal, for example in the Chop system I have undergone since August/Sept with 8 doses and which has successfully brought about remission.

The stem cells are early stages of bone marrow which of course, amongst others produces the white corpuscles that build the immune system and fight infections in the body. High dose with stem cell support involves high doses of Chemo and sometimes radiotherapy over a few days. Then after this, stem cells, from a donor are infused by drip to assist producing to enter the bone marrow and start producing stem cells This form involves receiving marrow from a donor, and if required, my elder son has already volunteered to be the donor.This treatment, which can be beneficial for all forms of cancer is certainly asserted as a way of prolonging remission or full cure of the cancer.

Yet, this is not the form explained to me by our team as such. They advise that my own bone marrow is removed initially and then frozen.American research into this is confusing to me as it varies in conclusions and I would not wish to expand confusion by expounding uncertain knowledge here.It does seem to confirm 65 as the normal cut off point, the mortality issue and adds that recovery may take up to 12 months in some cases. For now let the jury be out for a period of reflection, ahead of the proposed appointment with the learned Professor, after which things will be much clearer to me and I will convey them in full on the Hub.


Currently I am in reasonable shape, though needing more exercise. A 45 minute Country Park walk on our first decent day for weather in ages yesterday, had me blowing. This should not be but underlines the long periods of low energy and  discomfort that have existed around my person since July last. A serious ans sensible exercise recovery programme needs to be planned but the longer term is blocked by the high dose potential effects but that will not deter the short term and so, treadmill and abdominal chair will swing into action again and hopefully, INTRATHECAL 3,due Thursday, will not, this time interfere as it did back in November. I need heart and lungs in good shape anyway for the high dose to be allowed.

Tomorrow is a big day in one respect. I serve as a Trustee on a Pension Fund and plan to go to Lomdon for the January meeting of the Committee. The trip by train has been given the ok ,out of rush hours only, to avoid the biggest risk of infection from a confined space. It will be good to feel part of the mainstream again after over 6 months of virtual house arrest, though I face a fearful backlash from my wife if I do pick up anything not wanted so to speak! Wednesday will see a blood test and hopefully, non Hydroponic again to all Lumbar to go ahead as planned on Thursday. After that we await the summons from the Professor, Lumbar 4 around 28 Jan all being well and all being well a clearer picture for 2011. Egypt looks a forlorn hope for the Spring but PMA is very focused on May 20 and a return to Turkey.

On the return to Turkey, we have always put Turkey as the place it all began as it was where my loss of appetite began, but studying photographs of our Egyptian visit last March, I do seem strained in the face and we wonder now if that T-Cell had been with me longer than we thought in July after the perforated bowel disclosed it and triggered the opportunity for treatment. Funny thing life, you never know where the corner is let alone what is behind it!           


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