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Updated on January 13, 2011


 For the cancer patient like myself plucked summarily from mainstream life by the diagnosis,the prudent course since July 2011 has been effectively to be as home based as possible to avoid potential infection from close contact with foreign germs that inevitably affect us all as members of the human race. Equally, the energy sapping effects of treatment, compounded in my case by the need to recover from the traumatic effects of the perforated bowel operation, effectively mean that the vast majority of the past 6 plus months have resulted in a form of benign house arrest or at least confinement. In which case thanks for books, T V and the Computer and world wide web must be extended for their combined roles in keeping sanity in the restricted environment.

Thus, the news of full remission triggered a request to attend a meeting in London on Monday, as reported before. I make no apologies for returning to this as I have become even more aware of the psychological boost I gained from the experience. Basically it was no big deal, involving as it did, a train to London, tube to Baker Street, a 4 hour session with friends on a Committee on which I serve and then the reverse to return home for 4 pm.Nothing spectacular but nevertheless something special. For me personally, never knowingly short on confidence, the trip was nevertheless a minor achievement in that I achieved it with any concerns, just in fact as if it were in an uninterrupted routine. That may seem trite but be assured that after being in so tight an environment for so long, it does give a feeling of self achievement and raises the spirit.

Integral to spirit raising, was the reception from my fellow Committee Members and their interest over our buffet lunch{ mine gluten free and prepared by my wife was excellent, though I was sad to miss out on the sticky sausages and Tempura Prawns especially from the buffet trolley}.I have indicated on previous Hubs how much e-mails and telephone calls aid the spirit when confined and all help maintain POITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, that I, and I know also, the Medical Team regard as so important to assist recovery. Receiving that face to face with warm smiles and words is even more uplifting and the value of that cannot be underrated.

Thus, whilst it is of no use being reckless in wishing to rush back into circulation, as it were, if the Medics concur then anyone in a similar position to myself should, from my experience, grab the opportunity with both hands. I know not if the Football League Pension Fund gained from my attendance at Committee, but I certainly did. It was good on various fronts, not least that of making a contribution towards others after so many months of being the recipient myself.


Today saw me receive my third Lumbar Puncture of INTRATHECAL for the Spinal Cord and Brain protection. As previously reported this is a procedure to harbour no fears of ,though even the blood test operatives shudder a bit when I tell them why I need the blood measured.In fact, the combination of local anesthetic and injection combined give only minimal discomfort for seconds at worst and it is soon over to allow an hour to rest, read and drink a cup of coffee. Again, the Doctor, as requested took a few more drops of fluid from the spine, this, last time, negating the headaches of the first injection. We hope for like result this time. Also, the Doctor advised that the tingling in toes, fingers etc which was such a nuisance around the last injection, may have been unfairly laid at the door of the injection here and is much more likely to be caused by a build up from the ,now 8 Chop treatments and with specific reference to one particular drug in the Chop Programme administered each time. On reflection I support that, but will still be watching out over the next 12 days or so for any odd side effects ahead of the final Lumbar, now booked for Jan 27th.It will be strange that day to walk out of the place that has served me so well with no further planned treatments there, though another Consultancy visit is in place, no doubt to discuss developments towards the High Dose Chemo and Stem Cell Treatment proposed for ultimate protection. I have continued research into this and Prof Goldstone CBE and to date, receive only positives. As a result it seems I shall be stiffening sinews to undergo it, if said Prof decides that I will withstand and benefit from it. The way out of the wood may be approaching but there is walking yet to be done. You will be kept posted should you so wish by reading future Hubs of course.


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