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Updated on January 20, 2011


 The past few days have seen some interesting happenings from various sources, whilst I  have continued to labour under the side effects of the INTRATHECAL injection which I had hoped by now would be subsiding.In fact they cling on and in one annoying area have increased to a new level.

I have always had some effect from mouth ulcers during treatment but usually they have responded to the mouth wash provided for that purpose by the Hospital. This time, however, they are more widespread and are not responding to usual treatment and Bonjela, also advised by the Hospital has minimum effect. Mouth ulcers are considered important by the Hospital as they can affect food consumption adversely and it is important to keep up food intake and avoid weight loss during treatments.Eating is more difficult, but not impossible and the mouth ulcers join the rest of the INTRATHECAL side effects in the annoying category.

A week on from the injection number 3, I am searching for signs of returning energy and lessening of other recorded side effects, well aware that in 7 days time the process begins again with injection 4, thankfully the last in the programme. I shall be truly thankful when all is completed and the final side effects subside. I calculate this around February 15 at the moment. PMA likes this as a month or just less in the big scheme of things seems tolerable.


I received an interesting comment after the last Hub from a reader. He or she had come through Non-Hodgkin's treatment 13 years ago and is still going strong. That in itself is uplifting information, but the reader also advised me to consider using Nutritional Supplements to prevent return. I have been aware for some time of the benefits associated with Vitamin K and seek to include that in my diet. As far as supplements go, I am not well informed and, in all truth have some aversions to them as the industry seems flawed, with many products being at best useless and at worst, a fraud. However, it is an area I shall seek advice upon as there clearly can be benefits with the correct products. The complication is my long term condition as a Coeliac, which the Consultant went out of his way to stress at our last meeting underlining the need to maintain a strict Gluten free dietary programme at all times. It will be interesting to find out if the circle can be squared here.Internet information is comprehensive but product lead often I find and so, as ever, I shall consult my medics knowing that whilst under Chemotherapy, the self imposed rule of non variance unless agreed with the team has proven the correct course to plot and that it would be foolish to vary from it now.


Yesterday morning, I bade goodbye to an old friend . We had been together for as long as I can remember, but yesterday came the parting of the ways. My wife had commented adversely the previous day on the state of my right big toe and especially the nail which was screwing off centre.She advocated visiting the GP but as there was no discomfort I ignored her entreaties. Yesterday morning, I decided to do a bit of clipping to restore direction.To my surprise, as I probed the top edge for a place to start, I became aware that the nail lifted painlessly away from the toe below. Gingerly, I continued to lift in a peeling type motion, the nail from top right to bottom left. The nail lifted all the way to the final corner, where a slight twist, again painless, brought the end of our attachment. The very strong nature of the removed nail made it appear as something from Jurassic Park and failed to amuse my wife at all. Under the removed nail, a new one is well developed and I take that as testimony to my policy of leaving well alone when I first suffered there as a side effect from the immune booster injections many weeks ago now. Natural selection has proved most beneficial and my big toe no longer looks like a grotesque mutation, so all is well that ends well.


A letter from my Consultant Urologist to the Oncology team, following my recent visit to that Clinic, determined that NOCTURIA is the nature of my POLYURIA, which causes me trips to the toilet, especially at night , on a 2/3 hourly basis. The pills given to me seem to be having only limited success to date and I return on February 8 for further clinical investigation, accompanied this time by my frequency and volume chart that I will need to complete on the run up to the appointment. At least, initial examination ruled our prostate problems and was classified as "unremarkable" .This is probably the first time in my life that I have been glad to be so classified.

Reading up on NOCTURIA has made my head swim, but readers are welcome themselves to investigate if they have the odd year or so free to do so. For me, I will be happy to wait till Feb 8!


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