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Updated on November 16, 2010


 INTRATHECAL METHOTREXATE, AS THOSE WHO READ HAD/3 IS ADMINISTERED BY LUMBAR PUNCTURE. It is used in T-Cell Chemotherapy as a preventative force to protect the spinal cord and brain from any invasive actions.Today, Ifound out at first hand all about it.

Once aghain the care and treatment afforded were first class. My wife and I were welcomed at the Chemo reception by a charming and efficient nurse who escorted us to the private room for the proceedure to be done. Initially this raised the apprehension for it differed from normal proceedure at Chemo where you await being called and have the activity in the General Suite.The nurse explained the proceedure to be performed and that the Doctor would be along in a short while. 5minutes later than she appeared and we were delightd that she was Dr Theodopolou, from Cyprus, the lady who had given me my good news a week last Thursday! As a result there was general light hearted banter which lowered any tension as Iuncovered my back, adopted the foetal position on the bed to allow the Doc to locate a suitable space between my spinsl cord bony structures for insertion.Mwife was now safely in the dayroom away from the sight of needles as Nurse and Doctor busied themselves with preparations, held up only briefly when they discovered that small child needles had been sent. Happily man sized were soon foud.

We had discussed not only proceedure but potential main side effects which in practice were identified by the ladies as Dizziness and "Banging" Headaches for up to 24 hours in the case of the latter. Coffee and fizzy soft drinks recommended as antidotes.Soon it was time to administer the local anasthetic prior to insertion and this was done with less discomfort experienced by a similar procedure at the Dentist. Then, the dose of the specified Chemo was announced. Ibaced for possible discomfort here and was still doing so when the Doc announced"All Done". Ihonestly had felt not a thing! Thus to all facing similar Lumbar Punture action ,now or in future, trust me ,and fear nothing!

After the job was done it was time to get supine but only fully so for 20 minutes. The nurse explained that I was not to be held for 4 hours as advised but that 1was enough and that after 20 minutes the bed was to be raised and Coffee brought in, as it duly was. 20 minutes further, and arequest for more coffee granted, Iwas told all was fine and that I could leave in 10 minutes more. Thus, the whole time involved was less than 2 hours, start to finish. Glad to reprt 10 hours on no significant side effects at all and the prospect of what for me now is a normal night of polyurea broken sleep pattern beckons. Ican live with that. Good job as I cannot see the urologist till DEC 21 they tellme. Waterworks not good in Southend it seems all round! Still another step along the recovery road has been required and taken in stride ,for which many thanks.


Just one suprise today as the Doctor confirmed what the Nurse had already told me,namely Ihave to have 4 of these, not 1 as I believed. However, as I am now conversant with it, it holds no fears.,so in 3 weeks time we will do it all again and the fourth will be completed tidily by Crhristmas . Happy Days and lumbar punture in the pocket of personal experience now, for which there is no substitute.


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