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Updated on April 22, 2011


April 21 st 2011. A date that may not feature in the annals of time like, for example Sept 11 2001 and other key dates in History, but in the microcosm of my world it will be remembered without doubt. At approximately 15 50 hrs, the delightful Dr Theodopolou both gave us and showed us, the result of the scan taken the previous week which confirmed, as it said in official terminology ,that " No evidence of metabolically active nodal diseases seen in abdomen or pelvis. No abnormal uptake is seen in the thorax. No abnormal uptake is identified in the extracranial head and neck, supraclavicular fossa or axillae. No abnormal uptake is seen in the skeleton".

Put simply that means that for the foreseeable future the battle waged against Cancer T-Cell Lymphoma, by Southend Hospital Oncology Team and my own JWA Support Team has been won. That means no further immediate treatment, no High Dose Chemotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant Treatment and the immediate prospect of a return to normal and active life for me once more.

Having hoped for the best but prepared for the worst, the news left me relieved but not immediately emotional, though that may yet come. Having viewed pictures of myself along the route through the dark tunnel we entered last July, and faithfully recorded by my chief team supporter and wife, it was only then that I fully realised with how ill I had been. In all truth some of the early pictures taken would not inspire any confidence in the subject lasting till Christmas, let alone Easter. It speaks volumes for the support given to me by wife, family and friends along the route and the power of POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE, that at no time ,in my head, did I feel I was as ill as I obviously was. It is remarkable for me to try to look back over those months and to try to gain a perspective on what state I was really in. At the moment it eludes me completely and only serves to underline my own belief that, at times mind can overcome matter.

Obviously the right treatment is also vital, and as I have recorded previously the NHS Treatment and consideration given to me at Southend University Hospital has been out of the top draw.It is interesting for me, to go back through over 77 of these Hubs that record the voyage that I and those around me have had to undertake. The highs and lows are graphic, and plans are, I am told to edit these into a booklet to help ,hopefully others ,in the future. That reminds me here to again endorse the help of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Association in particular. My step son, Ryan, ran the London Marathon for them recently and my two sons, David and Christopher, backed by the Sir Ian Botham Charity plan a cycle trip to hit each County Cricket Headquarters Ground later this year to raise more funds.Hopefully these efforts will, in some way give our thanks for the priceless help they have provided over the dark days.


Being in full remission status does not mean that the Hospital has washed hands of you. In my case two blood testes are ordered for the first and second weeks of May to check on blood levels, neutropenia, Vitamin B12 and immunity levels etc, purely for confirmation purposes. On my return from Turkey on July 21st I have a three monthly review and we have already agrreed on a further echocardiagram to check on the damage to the heart muscle. This to be done in 6 months time or thereabouts..Thus, monitoring of my situation regarding the T-Cell Lymphoma goes on and my brief is to report quickly any change I may notice. I will particularly focus on any loss of appetite which, with hindsite was the sole harbinger of the problem last year. Also with my eagle eyed wife at my side I will strictly adhere to a Gluten free diet to assist reparation of the bowel and also inhibit any return of the problem from that source.

Nothing in this sort of situation is absolute but the position now reached means that I can look forward positively and with some confidence to the immediate future and will do so eagerly. To be back in the mainstream once more is an uplifting feeling for sure.

This does not signal the end of the "Lymphoma" Hubs but it does mean that in future I will be contributing, as before all this began, Hubs on varied subjects and also continuining to record any significant changes in the situation that has been recorde for 77 or so Hubs from the start of it all to the present day. I sincerely hope that this record of a personal voyage to hell and back was not only of interest as it unfolded, but may be an inspiration to others in the future, when faced with a problem such as this one was for me.

Now keep your eyes open on this site for a wide and varied number of topics as before which hopefully will be of interest to many as before and which Iwill enjoy turning my attention to, as well as returning to the Lymphona position, as indicated whenever the situation presents itself for morew information of specific and general interest. At this time, my thanks to over 1450 readers for following my personal story which is testiment to the power of Hub Pages and the fact that in adversity you are never truly alone. The writings will continue!


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    • profile image

      j w adams 6 years ago from Essex/ Alanya/ Hurghada

      Thanks for the good wishes. Ilook forward to resuming our planned lifestyle now of 4 months each year in Turkey, Egypt and the UK. Am now just hoping for the best for a good stretch Hope all well for you in Ecuador also,

    • dksuttle profile image

      Donna Suttle 6 years ago from Ecuador, New Mexico, South Carolina

      Congrats! Hang in there.