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Updated on November 27, 2010


 As readers will understand, from the outset my philosophy about my Cancer and the treatment of it ,has been that their has to be a partnership between myself and the Medics. My part is to maintain and stay focused on a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE at all times..

In all truth, through the elements of CHOP/4 and right up to receiving the good news a few weeks ago, of the effect it had delivered to the T-Cell Lymphoma, if not a breeze exactly, I had found the process quite stress free and with little side effects. Following that, the news of 2 more Chop Treatments and also Lumbar punctures were a bit deflating, However, it did not take long to get positive again, based on the fact that these were preventative measures and thus clear sense for future well being.

Since then, things have tended to unravel a bit, culminating in what, it has to be said has been my worst, and most frustrating week of all. The side effects of the lumbar puncture, especially the headaches, have been the worst of all experienced throughout treatment entirely. Then the discovery that I had become NEUTROPENIC, with the attendant potential problems and concerns earlier this week, further exercised the mind.

One area of concern was for Chop 6 to take place on Friday and inside I prepared for the fact that it would be postponed due to blood problems. Chop 2 had been postponed earlier through a low Haemoglobin count, and I feared similar for this time.

In the event, after a frustrating 2.5 hour wait, we were taken as usual into the Suite, where the nurse, having studied the blood notes told me that this time my platelet count was too low to give treatment. Annoyingly, the Haemoglobin count was fine and happily now, the neutrophils were out of the Neutropenic zone, which was at least some reassuring news on a frustrating afternoon.

Thus, everything planned for next week has to be unplanned as Chop 6 is rescheduled for next Friday and may now upset arrangements for Lumbar 2 due on the following Tuesday. District Nurse injections due to start on Wednesday, have also to be put back as we enter effectively, a week of nothingness as far as treatments are concerned. This sort of thing I find taxing in the extreme.This, all in all, is a testing and frustrating time for my PMA but one which must, and will be overcome.


It is times like these that keeping faith and reinforcing the PMA is vital. The recent events have to be filed away, there is nothing I, or anyone else can do about them as they are in the past. I do find too many people tend to worry about things they cannot affect or alter, instead of dealing with things they can. As a result they end up throwing in the towel and become defeated

 So, in effect, we have a week"s holiday from treatment. The first for months. Will I notice changes in my body as the old drugs in me lessen? That is something I will monitor closely over the week. Equally, it is only 1 week, so the"hold up" is not forever and clearly as the Chop will further lower my immune system as standard, it is sense not to have it until I am prepared at my best for it.

At the outset the Consultant told me to "prepare for a battle" and that was sound advice. That and my belief in PMA as a real force in treatment has served me well to date and I see no reason to be deflected off this course because of a few setbacks or hold ups. The week ahead, instead of being empty now looks full of interest and so that is how I shall approach it and keep the faith I Have in PMA.

Readers who may remain sceptical about the value of PMA will, of course remain so unless and until they grasp the nettle and focus on a matter in their own lives and determine to give it a try on something of concern to them and look forward with it, setting a focus and achievable targets. Those who do, find their own ways to establishing the PMA that fits and will also reap the dividends and throw off the frustrations and negatives that can too easily prevent advances being made.



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