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Updated on December 1, 2010


As a result of the poor platelet count on my blood test, we find ourselves in what we term "LIMBO WEEK". Since July 17 there has not been such a week for us to endure. Basically ,when you are used to visiting Hospital on average twice a week for various reasons and procedures and having regular home injections from visiting District Nurses, it seems strange to wake up daily with nothing to be undertaken but that is the situation.

As explained in Lymph/7, the most frustrating part was to undo made arrangements that would have followed on from last Friday"s CHOP 6. Thus, Dist Nurses were postponed for a week and contact made with the CYTOTOXOLOGY DEPT regarding the Lumbar Puncture scheduled for Wednesday, a letter change to this day being received on Saturday. The Clinical Nurse Supervisor decided to consult with colleagues give the facts and the blood problems. 24hours later, they contacted me to put back this second Lumbar Puncture till Dec 21 to give time for blood levels to stabilise after Chop6 on Dec 3. They felt, with hindsight, that this sort of time lapse should have been allowed for the first one. Maybe that was why I Had more side effects from it than otherwise might have obtained. We will monitor with care, especially as the side effects took 3 days to start last time. This, if repeated would coincide with Christmas Day. This means we shall not venture far this Christmas and will have to forget plans to visit family in Derbyshire and miss 50% of the grandchildren there. Annoying, but head must rule heart at times like this.

All the rescheduling has not, yet at any rate, changed my appointment with the Consultant next Wednesday , though as they will have no CT Scan, what they can tell me that I do not know already is beyond me. We shall see. Being in limbo is frustrating and makes you grumpy, and I need no excuse for being the latter! All my hopes are now on the blood levels being enough to get Chop6 administered on Friday. Fingers are tightly crossed.


No chemo on Friday and no injections this week means a lessening of the drug levels in my body and resultantly, positive changes. I feel as if I have my own head back on and my arms and legs also. Fingers and toes have also returned to 90% efficiency, with much less tingles and feelings of general strangeness. Apparently these latter are brought on by one of the drugs that make up the Chop treatment, so I am prepared for a set back in these areas next week.However, it is good now to feel as well as before the lumbar, though occasionally, I feel tired unexpectedly which shows that procedure is still within me.I have suspended remedial exercise pending Chop 6 etc but am determined to restart as soon as sensible as being housebound through the snow and the cold is driving me even madder than usual.

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE resolve is under test but Im confident that I can maintain it and carry on ,as required to the conclusion of the programme. Friday is an important day to me to get Chop 5 underway and I am preparing mentally for all eventualities. Fighting cancer and subsequently dealing with prevention both require clear and positive thinking over an extended period as I have discovered.


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