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Updated on December 5, 2010


When my treatment for the diagnosed T-Cell Lymphoma was diagnosed back in August a CHOP4 treatment of 4 doses was prescribed. Following this a CT S can revealed that the cocktail of 4 drugs administered each time had done the job. However, to my surprise, a further 2 chops was then prescribed as a preventative measure to be then followed by a further scan and then possibly a hospitalised stay of 3/4 weeks for high dose Chemo for further preventative measures.

This meant, for me, a further re-establishing of measures to keep up my Positive Mental Attitude. As readers will know,I place great store on this and the extended programme of treatment made this both important and stretching, especially as the news was also accompanied that a Lumbar Puncture was also required. This was later extended to 4 to stretch resolve even further and almost reached breaking point when subsequent blood level problems and side effects kicked in, further extending the treatment time to well into 2011. This looks like ruling out altogether our planned early year period in Egypt, as immune system level will be low for a while even after completion. Frustrating!

In such circumstances I find the way forward to set a calendar, but not fix it in stone, as I cannot control extraneous factors, so must build in flexibility to avoid devastation if things go in an adverse direction. Expect the worst but prepare for the best whilst also reversing expect and prepare, if you follow me here.

With the above in mind it was therefore with much relief that a} we were able to get to Hospital by 4x4 through the snow on Friday, b} discovered the blood levels were fine, with platelets up from 53 the previous week to over 300 on the day c} have a seamless and problem free Chop administered and be back home in 3/5 hours. CHOPS AWAY was the cry as we thanked the nurse team in the Chemo unit who have looked after me so well.They all said they hoped never to see me again. I THINK they were being nice!!


The calendar now moves to Wednesday when the first of 5 daily immune boost injections commence to take us up to Dec12, interspersed with a trip to the Consultant on Thursday for progress report sans CT SCAN! then another Limbo period to Dec 21 when I see UROLOGY about the polyurea problem which is ongoing.Theh it is Lumbar 2 on Dec22, just in time for side effects to kick in if they do, on Christmas Day based on the first one! Happy Christmas folks! Bet you are glad you do not have to have your Christmas Dinner with me eh!

Now the cale


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