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Updated on October 2, 2010


I have had various contacts via various media services, over recent days, as advised in earlier hubs, and at some point, not unreasonably ,those contacting ask for the actual situation I find myself in. In all truth the Hospital info, whilst accurate of course is too professional for my complete understanding, so today I have researched and pass on if you wish to check out for your own reasons what the Technical info relates to.

HAEMATOLOGY at the Hospital wrote to my GP,copy to me of course, of the events and discoveries between 18 July/ 22 August.Briefly, they advised I had undergone LAPAROTOMY with ANASTOMOSIS to deal with my Bowel Perforation of the DISTAL DUODENAL and resection sent for Histology A large MESENTERIC MASS measuring 5x5cm was found but not biopsied at the time.Also a firm 1cm Nodule was discovered on the right lobe of the liver in segment 8 and biopsied.

The above was conveyed to me by the Consultant Surgeon at our meeting, it already having been arranged for me to meet with Haematology the next day to put matters into gear.The fact that I am a coeliac was considered important in all this.

Can I SUGGEST THAT YOU GOOGLE THE UPPER CASE WORDS ABOVE TO GET A REAL INSIGHT INTO WHAT THEY RELATE TO. Of course, there can be no relation as to potential prognosis, as each case is autonomous but it shows ,for example that the CHOP treatment I am receiving is specific to the tasks required and that is most reassuring to me ,as you will understand.

So, dear reader, [ESPECIALLY PAM} there, should you choose to do it is your homework/research. Alternatively, you may feel that is quite enough info to be going on with in respect to the position of my actual diagnosis. I shall, as always, welcome your info, observations and comments


Yesterday brought good messages especially about my linking of the Medics work to my own POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE and questions, I am not qualified really to propound on, save for my personal belief in PMA. Should you want to learn more about PMA and self development of the same, I have included a link below at the end of this copy which if you click should be of assistance to you initially, and if you choose so, maybe permanently. I hope you find it of help and assistance.

Glad to report been in fine form. Allowed to go to Cash and Carry on my own for first time since July and my mental attitude is tops today with my energy. Mind you only 1 more day of steroids left and they say it will drop then, and interestingly enough even more with CHOP3/4 but we will see what PMA has to say about all that when the time comes. Tennis anyone?!!.


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