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Updated on September 12, 2010


 We had to endure a further frustrating delay for the start of my CHEMOTHERAPY as there were no beds in the unit available.Psychologically this is debilitating as fear of the unknown plus personal attempts to focus need to gel and advance together to assist. Delay deletes personal strength as the personal focus evaporates leaving a void soon to be filled by apprehension and worse..

Thus when the call came 24 hours later, the process began in earnest and with alacrity,We jumped to it as a personal call to arms, So much so in fact, that I found myself saying"To infinity and beyond" as we entered the Hospital unit just short of 11 am on Friday.Maybe that speaks volumes of my intelligence! Anyway it is true!

I was fortunate to be allocated a first class individual suite. I say that for it was to be a long day and having my wife and TV for company was invaluable. Punctuated by long delays a series of tests and questions had to be covered before the lady Doctor declared me "Good to Go Today " for chemo. The importance of that is that the elements making up my CHOP  Treatment have to be freshly made up by pharmacy according to my personal data.

That is a lengthy process, so it was quite advanced into early evening before a a vision from Zimbabwe, called Violet, arrived to explain procedures and begin the treatment.

She was wonderful, explaining each aspect, post action activity, possible side effects etc. I was totally relaxed when she began to insert the various elements. Most were fitted to drip feed band I felt nothing as they entered me to form my personal battalion against the enemy. My longest drip was 35 mins and Violet was done after giving further reassurance. The time, around 7.00pm..That was an 8 hour stretch and a tiring one especially for my wife I felt.

I wanted her to leave as I was unsure of the possible nausea threatened, and did not want her distressed if it did. Eventually, she agreed and her sister and husband took her off to eat and sleep at their nearby house.

I began counting the hours!I gone!No sickness! 2 gone! No sickness etc.Relief began to grow and a form of delight took over as I realised my desire to body itch was vanishing fast. Violet had said they worked as soon as they entered and she told no lies, trust me. She also told me to take the anti sickness pills at all times. Good advice!

TV on I took to bed after 10pm and I supposed turned it off around 11.30 to doze off.Sleep was punctuated at 1/3/6am ,app by the angels of the night checking blood pressure, one of the reasons for overnight stay on fist dose of course.I turned the TV on at 7am but then dozed off till 8.45. All in all a top result for a night of observation, duly marked on my report., No record but equally important was  an excellent bowel movement {sorry but it it is really relevant}  in my private en-suite.just after shaving. 


I am actually starting in front here but only because of the excellent care shown to me, and my wife on the things we need to do daily till Session 2 in 13 days time. We have enough pills to fix a regiment, but each has a function, a time and a number to be taken, or not, as the case may be. She made wham could have been a jungle a stroll of orderliness and we reap the benefits. She has organised a District Nurse to attend 7 times to inject ,to save us the problem and we are now home, relaxed and giving our soldiers their best shot at the enemy.Mind over matter is a help, no doubt at all but top, clear, unflowery professional advice bolsters it up amazingly.

Top for me so far? I have more energy {against possible side effect info] The abdominal pain where live the tumours, has rescinded and  I can now walk decently again. I cannot do my 6km walk in 12/15 mins again and I doubt if I can swim 660 metres in 30 mins yet. Even so, those seem realistic targets to work towards for my May return to Turkey, even if at the moment all the action takes place in the head, not the extremities and cardiovascular system, which has plenty to get on with.

We have entered a long dark wood and the light is far off, but the feeling is that it is there and we have taken the first tentative steps towards it.More steps to come, hurdles to jump and these hubs  will be their record and testimony.


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