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Updated on September 15, 2010

District Nurse Day.

 As part of the CHOP CHEMO programme a substance called Filgrastim is required to stimulate bone marrow to [produce more blood cells to help the body fight infection. White blood cells are the key apparently.

To enable this, the Hospital arranges for the Dist Nurse to House call and administer the injections, stored in our fridge since give at Chop 1 day, along with the sterile needles.The injections in each segment are 7, hence this being the first in the 14 day cycle..

Our Dist Nurse, duly arrived and explained the function clearly and effectively, stressing that there was more to the paperwork than the injection. How right she was!

The injection, in my right arm today was over in seconds and no problem at all.

The paperwork though was exceptionally time consuming and involved  the repetition of the same questions asked at the Hospital previously more than once on occasions.


I mention this as no personal compliant, my time these days is not precious, but to raise a voice for the workers seeking to do what they joined up to do, namely help and care for people.Day by day it seems,, these competent carers see their caring time eroded to deal with documentation. Apparently much of the paperwork now required, is brought about by a more litigious society which presses the need for professionals to be covered and cover themselves, at every turn.

It is difficult to balance the two without doubt but, I could not help but feel that our efficient Dist Nurse"s time and qualifications were being eroded by the need to a point where at some point she could walk away from her job, thus losing a good professional. 

It obtains elsewhere, e.g Police Service and in the 21 st Century we must surely find a way to shorten the time taken to document, whilst maintaining all due safeguards.

Anyway, no side effects to report, thankfully again and our first night on our new mattress last night. I was so impressed with the one I slept on at the Hospital on my Chemo Day that I went and bought one on line! A Good decision,! One especially appreciated by my long suffering wife who slept through fro 10.30pm to 6.45am for the first time for ages.Plus point for me!

Tomorrow, I have no commitments, save pill taking, but go for the full Heart and Lung investigation on Friday, and report to follow! I am very relaxed about this though.


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