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Updated on September 17, 2010


 Since my CHOP CHEMO 1 last Friday, I have commented that the more debilitating side effects of Chemo, seem thankfully to be giving me a bit of a miss. However, yesterday taught me, if I needed it, to not take things for granted.

I got up and breakfasted as usual and around 8am came to check out ,as usual, my e-mails etc. No problems and I worked on till around 9am, returning to the Lounge to watch some TV news. This I duly did but then, to my consternation discovered the time to be 10.30am and I had had around 90 minutes sleep at a time of day when my energy is usually at it"s highest.

I may, let me confess, have contributed to this by foolishly taking in a milk protein drink the day previous, and at the moment it seems my Dairy tolerance is very low and adds to my celiac problem. Sufficient to say my bowels were disturbed quite a lot and the pain across the abdominal area tighter than normal. Nothing to cause great undue, concern and I was able to drive to get my tripe order etc without a problem.I  do look forward to my tripe!

No problem either with the next Dist Nurse injection, and pleasing to note much less paperwork required from the lady.So, all quiet till lunch and into the afternoon, although I definitely felt lower energy. Thus, maybe no surprise I had another 60 minutes unscheduled sleep then.The surprise comes when you wake up ,of course

As it was my day next to go to Hospital for the E C G picture taking and an early start, I had decided on an early night, but was even so, unprepared for being able to listen to the TV but not open my eyes to watch, purely through fatigue. As a result I called it a day, shut everything down and was safe asleep by 9.30pm


Thus by 9.15am. this morning I was on a Hospital couch, stripped to the waste with electrodes and sensors in the capable hands of a young lady physiologist doing the job required. Apparently, Chemo can affect the heart adversely, hence the need for this monitoring. A 15 minute, painless process designed to give factual evidence is fine by me.!In fact, by 10.15am we were back home and soon, my next Dist Nurse injection had been done. A steady morning then, but rounded off by another 60 minute unscheduled sleep. I wonder if these will now become the norm. I will watch out and report

One of the most uplifting things you get when going through this process which is all about time, is to hear from old friends wishing one well. My former Secretary rang a couple of days ago and we relived old times as well as discussing my current condition.All our yesterdays!.

Then, yesterday the phone rang with the voice at the other end an old friend who had fought and won his own Cancer battle some years ago. Geoff Boycott is still a busy man and for him to get my number and phone out of the blue was a wonderful lift on a day when the energy levels generally drooped for the first real time.Thank you Geoff, honest it was not you who sent me to sleep!. You were always, like me, too rich in opinions to do that!

So, onwards through the woods. No more Hospital trips till next Friday for CHOP2, but no doubt more twists along the way!


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