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Updated on September 21, 2010


 Having been pleased for the first week or so since my Chemo 1, of the predicted side effects, I have to report that over the last few days, in fact since the Prednisolone element reached conclusion till next treatment, that those side effects have been sneaking up on me.

My energy level, as predicted, has dropped somewhat, during the day and I find myself inclined to doze off for short periods without initially noticing.Hope it does not happen today as I have 2 friends visiting me!

Physically, my lips have swollen a bit and cracked, producing an element of soreness and I have also some minor blisters formed, but contained on the right side of my tongue. Nothing terrible, but just enough to make one aware of the still long road ahead.

My main problem however, is night sleep fragmentation. I cannot sleep for more than 1/1.5 hours without waking and then visiting the bathroom to urinate. That done, the process repeats, but it is like a sleep deprivation torture and I need to find a solution to it, to give myself a fighting chance through the day. I am working on it and will report progress.

Today is the final Dist Nurse injection for Chemo 1. The ladies have done me proud and we shall look forward to seeing them again from Day 5 of Chemo2 for the injection that keeps the immune system in order whilst under Chemo.

Towards CHOP2.

Friday is the day for CHOP2 at the day unit and I assume procedures will follow CHOP1. The time allocated is 3 hours plus and ,of course that will then give the soldiers fighting for me reinforcements. No fear of the unknown this time, so I hope to have a good report for readers by the weekend, which, all things normal, will be the next Hub.


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