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Updated on September 30, 2010


It is with more than a little relief that I can confirm that CHOP 2 was successfully emptied into me yesterday afternoon at our excellent chemo centre.

The pressure of patients needing chemo is staggering. I mentioned before how hard they worked to fit me in after Friday last met failure at the blood count. Our time allocated was 12.15 pm for 3 hours but that was an unsuccessful target.

On arrival, the Board said delay time was 15 mins but in fact it was over an hour again before we were allowed to the unit.First task for a new businesslike nurse, well informed about me, was to take the blood for the platelet test. Results took 30 mins but thankfully we were "GO" Today!

Thus the CHOP was duly ordered from Pharmacy this takes around 1 hour to produce. My nurse was concerned it was still too chilled, so for 10 minutes the bags nestled inside my fleece, a garment I find suits the centre temperature which is not high.

So by 3.15pm we began.3 hours after arrival.

THE PRENDISILONE TABLETS SWALLOWED FIRST ,SALINE DRIP TO FLUSH THROUGH THE SYSTEM AND THEN THE 3 OTHER UNITS FOLLOWED AND A FINAL FLUSH DRIP ADMINISTERED.ALL DONE IN 45 MINUTES! I should again add here that non of this is unpleasant and only the cool of the chemical as it enters the blood scheme is a sensation at all.


So, we were transported, after our nurse had given us the next regiment of soldier pills PLUS a bowel stimulant following my discussion with her on the matter, bro-in law and arrived home just after 5pp. So 3=5.25 in CHOP ADMINISTARTION. That however is no problem set against the care shown at all times, I assure you.

So, I took a pill immediately on receipt noting 3/12 hours for action and around 8pm got the call to arms.The result encouraging,and in line with instructions I took a second at 11pm en route to bed.I can report my longest unbroken sleep for ages, it being 4.15 am when I awoke.It took longer than recently to go back to sleep but eventually I dropped off til 6.35 am, just right!

Since then toilet activity has been called for often, but acceptable as I am shifting stuff with only reasonable pain at the exit.However, I shall take only 1 pill today, not 2!! Will keep you posted on events.

So far no adverse reaction to CHOP 2, appetite good, weight up to 11 st 7 lbs from low point of 10st 9 lbs. You begin to worry that it is going too well and look out for the next bend in the path!


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