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Updated on August 23, 2010


When I announced my Lymphoma ,I omitted to say that I have been diagnosed a Coeliac ,for many years and must shun all things with Gluten, which rules out wheat, barley etc.This omission, has seen many helpful soles giving me excellent diet advice tat sadly, I cannot follow due to the presence of Gluten.

However, please do send any non gluten recommendations, as keeping interested in food is a priority I am told.


We are chasing for confirmation of the CT scan due Weds, as if we miss it a whole week is lost but so far no human voice available to confirm the event.

In general, things progress as before the diagnosis based on recovery from the perforated bowel operation. This is going well and I move easier with each passing day on my mandatory walk and my sedentary small wight work for my arms is fine. Weight has stabilised at 2 stones below inception but they tell me not to worry about any increase yet.. Bowel activity, please pardon me this, is still loose but at least the function is more like it was before the operation and Ihave tablets to assist the return to more normal flow. Gas, at both ends is profuse, so any suggestions on control welcomed.

Weather here is poor and uninviting and tomorrow should have been the day we jetted off to our place in Turkey and the wall to wall sun. Will need to deal with that psychologically for sure.


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