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Updated on October 5, 2010


So ,6 days after CHEMO2 it is time for the Dist Nurses to call again to give me a daily injection to keep the immune system up to scratch. As ever, no problems with admin or execution and mid morning saw the visit and job swiftly done.This time, it is just 6 daily injections, not 7 as before and I must find out why.

Also, I wonder if these injections may have a bit of a reaction to me, as having been fighting fit all day{see below{, in the evening I noticed I had a bit of a stiff neck and sore throat with arms just a bit achy. This has carried over after sleep, so I will check out today, although not sure of what the info with the injections actually says, so will check. I know they can lower blood pressure, but that did not happen to me.

You know, stuff is pumped into you and you basically have to take it all on trust ,which in current society is something one rarely does, needing to take due diligence at all times. It only goes to show the heavy responsibility the Medical Profession has to carry, and good that their standards generally are so high.


Yesterday was my final steroid day on CHEMO 2 and I was flying high with energy from 7 am.Things that would have been just too much mental effort a couple of weeks ago ,seemed no effort. Computer wise, I was formidable, trading bonds, considering and chasing up a possible change of car with mechanic, and potential vendor, reorganising Bank details, chasing Personal Banker, cooking for lunch and dinner. A Full and fulfilled day I think!

So much so that at one point I got my son to call his oncologist friend to check as I literally became apprehensive of feeling so well, given the situation.No problem, apparently I am not Superman but simply a patient recovering from the perforated bowel op 11 weeks ago now and readjusting to my pre-op mental state!Even so, it was said that the fact that I was like that bodes well for the CHEMO as well. Onwards and upwards we hope with that PMA definitely the standard bearer for me ,{do check out the link at the end of Hub/21 if you have not done so yet}, alongside the unflagging support of my family. That is especially true of my wonderful wife who even puts up with my temper swings which I find the worst of it all when I suddenly become aware that I am railing{ often at her} about trivia that would not normally concern me. Grumpy Old Men!You have seen nothing till I am in full flow ---and not proud of it either, but for all my good intentions nowhere near mastering it yet. The efforts will be redoubled ,no doubt to Sandra"s relief if they eventually work. If not then CHEMO 4 is a month to conclusion ,so we must bite our lips!


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