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Updated on October 7, 2010


I have been asked to expound on PMA. Let me say at the outset, that though involved in competitive sport virtually all my life and recognising the worth and need for PMA in those areas and involved myself in developing it, I am no expert. However, thanks to the Internet I can point to the right direction for all who would wish to gain a fuller insight into PMA.

When diagnosed with the lymphoma, the Medics stressed the possibilities of their treatment and the need for me, as the patient, to maintain a positive view daily through treatment. That made sense to me and I was impatient to start treatment, which ,as readers know, is now on CHOP 2 of 4 sections delivered each 14 days.

My friend Keith Blunt, contacted me to tell me he has been battling another cancer form for sometime now and stressed the virtues of PMA and outlined his approach to it which I have tried to copy in my own way. Keith is the most positive guy in the world. Treatment he takes, but the rest of the time it is business as usual. He travels, attends functions and generally makes each day count, whilst having his own targeted aims for the future. He is, to me, the walking personification of PMA.

Checking out the Internet, I find PMA claimed to have been discovered by an American, W CLEMENT STONE, according to the Combined Insurance company of America! Correct or not, it seems to me that the very nature of PMA, denies singular title to it, though labelling as PMA is a probability.


I discovered early on some very helpful areas to breakdown into, my personal ideas as to creating my own PMA.These are:

Create a Positive Environment. My home, wife, family and friends have been vital in helping me create what fits me.

Not to be defeated. I determined that whatever one day brought, and if it were not good, that the next day was a clean sheet, and approached it positively regardless. So far my low days have been very few and my high ones ever increasing.

Laugh. Laughing is good for all of us and daily there are things to bring a smile to one"s heart. I do have a problem in that I become too easily irascible, and mood swings need attention but I will try to work on this,which is an identified side effect of the CHEMO,but no excuse for railing unreasonably.

Live for the moment. Each day I look forward to rising, to organising simple things for the day with my wife and getting on with them. Now I can drive easily, I can pop off on my own and do things which heightens my independence and gives my wife some much needed personal space. Her task as my virtual carer needs PMA just as much as I do.

Target the future. Having goals to reach out to are important to me. I am targeting, for example, seeing the inside of my stepson"s new home at the end of the month, helping as I can with key business decisions with my elder son, visiting a top Nutritionist in November with my younger son in London, checking flights to Egypt and Turkey foe next Jan/Feb/ May etc.Add in Christmas and you will get the drift.

Expect the best. I am confident in my treatment and the people involved and back them to do absolutely everything humanly possible to deal with my current problem. I have no reason to doubt as each day passes that I am in good hands. I look forward with optimism for both short and long term again without fear or doubt and believe fervently that I will receive and achieve that which I expect. Thus, expect only the best. The glass is not half empty, not even half full, it refills every day!

The above is my philosophy which may be of value to others. Much more on PMA is to be gained by googling it in your search area and there is much good stuff to read. Also Lymphoma/20 contains a link that you may also find of help in developing that all important POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.


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