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Updated on October 8, 2010


 Thanks to the cloudy, damp weather, I find myself without a planned activity for today. I think this is the first day this has happened since the operation back in mid July so it seems strange. True, we do have injection 5 to come mid-morning but that is it,so I am looking out for things to do.That is when I am at my most dangerous, so my wife will, I know organise a shop trip at least to keep me occupied for some of the time

We were, if promised sunshine had arrived, going to deal with the pond pump and filter to put in clean order for Autumn and Winter shut down. My wife has looked after the pond excellently and kept the water crystal-like so it will be just a routine job of about an hour but now scheduled for tomorrow. Incidentally, a blog I did on Hub sometime ago on getting clear water for the pond is STILL my most visited. My readers find a pond more inviting than Cancer and I cannot blame them, though these Hubs have found a faithful readership.

So today, a quiet oasis in a general sea of activity. I must avoid the trap of spending money as I am prone to do at such times as an attack to the wallet seriously damages one"s wealth.

Looking Ahead.

Thus, today a good time to look forward to next week. CHEMO3 is Wednesday, meaning after that 75% of CHOP14 will be in flow and the end of the month and the programme ever closer. Exciting but a bit scary too.

Thursday is interesting as I go to see the Consultant. This can only be a General Overview as he has no new scans etc. At least I hope he will be encouraged by my physical improvement. Ion longer look quite like Dr Death, or the bloke on Crystal Maze. My face has filled out a bit and apart from having most of my hair shaved off, I am returning, albeit slowly, to a more recognisable me.Chemo3 onwards is when they say hair can fall out so I have preempted that. Not had to shave for 10 days now, a real bonus!

So 2 key days next week to anticipate, as I now answer the call to go Supermarketing. Told you she would organise me did I not? I will, as always do as I am told! Energy levels pretty good, so out we venture!


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