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Updated on October 14, 2010


CHOP 3 DAY required a 2.30pm arrival and the, by now statutory wait of around 1.5 hours. That can be the sole criticism of this system for all else is top draw.

I was very happy to hear the voice calling me to treatment was that of Violet from Zimbabwe, who readers may recall, was so good on CHOP 1 day when fear of the unknown was a factor. No such problem today and all were relaxed and into business with a smile. CHOP requires blood test, weight check, order based on such data to Pharmacy, their making up and collection from them to bring for supplying to the patient in the centre. It takes time and so we were not in receipt mode till nearly 6.15pm. As I say a long wait. Violet tells me next time to have blood test a day earlier to cut down time and gives me the required form to short circuit things.

The whole procedure of 4 tablets and then the 3 drip feeds of other drugs is just as before. My wife returns during this from Pharmacy with the medications for home and the injections for the Dist Nurses to administer. My right arm is still being stabbed regularly and Violet advises telling Consultant when I see him tomorrow. The drugs are in by 7.15pm and we bid a fond farewell to Violet, we being the last on the unit. She does 4 days weekly starting at 7.30am and finishing when the jobs are done. Never before 7.30pm and often 10.00pm, yet she is always cheerful and caring in my experience. More of that below.


I told Violet of my sleep/urinary problem in depth, quoting all details, including my conversation with Dr Locum which was of great interest to her.She went away, came back, studied the notes again, went away and then returned to say she felt it was a reaction to one of the drugs as discussed with Dr Locum. She then went to consult her superior and returned happy to inform me she had agreed and they were to give me effectively, an antidote to the drug side effect.

This, when sent by Pharmacy is revealed as MESNA 600MG TABLETS X 3. They were cut into halves i.e 6 doses, 3 for 2 hours after Chemo and 3 for 6 hours later. That worked out at 19.45 and 1.45. No problem the latter on previous night"s sleep pattern! Violet did not know how long they would take to kick in.

I took the first 3 at 7.45 and watched TV till bed at 11.30pm and sleep. I awoke, but not as expected. No urinary tingle to urge a bladder emptying. My wife woke, turned on her light and like me was amazed to see it was close to1.45 am. Thus the second dose went down on time.I went back to sleep. I had the usual call to go between 3 and 4am, as common in males of my age but then slipped to sleep till usual time of 6.30 am.

VIOLET HAS WORKED THE ORACLE. today I am fit and bursting to see the Consultant. The Medics and the PMA are pulling me away from the brink I really feel, and with double Prednisolone this time my wife fears I will be flying round the ceiling by the time CHOP 4 arrives on 27 OCT!

For now, great thanks to VIOLET, I have rung with the news to the Centre today for them to let her know. To my wife for her dash to Pharmacy before the closing time to make sure I had last night"s and today"s medications here, amongst all her other caring support which is a key in my current improvement my ongoing thanks for everything.So on to see what the Consultant feels with the limited data available to him since CHOP began.I shall be writing a list of questions for him and will reveal all available here to morrow.


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