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Updated on October 20, 2010


 Treatment for cancers, can and does vary according to various factors and it is important that whilst, inevitably, patients will discuss and compare their own treatment routes, that it is kept in mind that each individual treatment is just that, individual! Thus in CHOP ,which in my case has 4 units administered at 14 day intervals, differences obtain with other Chop treatments that others may have and which cover different day periods, for example.The message is simple, take note of your own treatment  to the practical exclusion of all others. There is enough to think about both treatment and admin wise to keep the patient focused and to plan forward.

The C T scan process is important, vital, in all this, for the pictures give the Consultant the diagnosis initially and subsequently, the results of the treatment on the Lymphoma.Organising C T scans is not, apparently, the easiest thing in the world, especially where Mobile Units are involved. These units do one day usually at one centre. In my case it is in a Hospital Car Park just 7 miles away. However, if they cannot fit you in on a specific date, you may have to travel further, in my case 35 plus miles or wait till the unit returns to town.Bearing in mind that 1 in 3 can suffer from Cancer, the pressure on units is intense and the forward planning vital . All the agencies must link up to ensure things go as required. For example, my Consultant wants a scan taken in the last week of Oct, before final Chop on Oct 27. The unit is only near me on the 27th, so the agencies are trying to fit me in in the morning so I can travel back to my home Hospital for the afternoon Chop session. This is the source of several phone calls and no doubt more to come till a final decision is arrived at. The key ,to my thinking ,is not, as a patient, to get too involved and understand that if Plan B has to be instituted, then so be it. Emotional angst on matters such as forward planning like this are best left to those who will decide anyway, regardless and the patient should continue to focus on PMA to the exclusion of all extraneous factors.


One of the  interesting, if not always happy, aspects of the Chop Treatment programme is to note that the side effects can alter with each dose and affect different parts at different times. As an example, I had had no muscular pain from the immune booster injections in Chop1/2 but soon after receiving the first of Chop3, I became aware of sensitivity across my chest musculature. Again, being prepared offsets any potential panic and after a night"s sleep, the effect had lessened, if not gone. Equally, this time these injections seem to suck more energy out than previously, bringing on a daytime sleep of around 40 minutes yesterday, unusual for me.

The above are of interest, not so much as to the specifics but for general understanding that the side effects can, and in my experience, do alter from treatment to treatment and being aware of the possibility helps deal if they do.


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