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Updated on November 1, 2010


 In response to queries.I have researched more on Mesenteric Tumours, Readers may recall it was the discovery of a MESENTRIC MASS during the operation in June for the perforated bowel I had developed,that discovered this factor in me which Histology later identified as PERIPHERAL T-CELL attached to the liver.

Now, as I understand it Malignant MESENTRIC TUMOURS can only be dealt with by Surgery.This aims to remove gross disease with some marginal amount of normal tissue. This is quite a big job, as it involves resection of any intestine involved as well as intestine robbed of mesenteric arterial blood supply by the dissection needed to remove the tumour.MESENTRIC DESMOID TUMOURS also can develop and are difficult to treat surgically and has a recurrence risk as they often follow abdominal surgery.

MESENTRIC LYMPHOMAS, as in my case, are best treated by combination Chemotherapy, in my case, CHOP/14. They are often diagnosed following surgery as happened to me when surgery was used for another function, but surgery is also used directly when diagnosis is probable but uncertain. In certain cases LAPAROSCOPY may play a key role also in procuring tissue for diagnosis.

I rust the above explains why my treatment has been CHEMO as oppose to Surgery, at least to date.


This week for me focuses on my meeting with top man, Dr Cervi on Thursday, when he will have results of last week"s CT Scan to hand. Prior to that there are still daily immune boost injections, which seem to give me more side effect problems than the Chemo itself and which differ weekly, at least so far.Wonder what is in store this week?  Chop/4, Week 4 will still have 6 days to run when I meet with Dr Cervi to run but the main details will be done and dusted by then and the future no doubt determined. Marching on with PMA, we shall see!


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