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Updated on November 3, 2010


 One key effect of the administration of Chemotherapy is that it lowers the immune system level that helps us all ward off infections.The immune system is tied to the bone marrow which is the tissue where new blood cells are made to produce more blood cells ans especially, white blood cells. It is white blood cells that help fight infection.

To keep the immune system up to acceptable levels during Chemo, Doctors will often prescribe a particular drug to be administered during the treatment period to assist the body in generating more white blood cells. In an earlier hub, I reported on how, in my case on CHOP ,the drug is administered by injections given at home during each 14 day period, by the District Nurses. The injections are for 7 days in Chop 1 and 6 days in 2/3/4. They begin 5 days after Chop is administered and, of course, cease 6/7 days later, prior to the end of the Chop cycle.

As advised, the drug is administered by subcutaneous injection{just under skin, not deep}. Some do this personally, but I opted for District Nurses. The dose comes in a single  use pre-filled syringe as directed by the Consultant and takes only seconds, with hardly a prick feeling, to administer.


The drug used on me is called RATIOGRASMIN 30 MIU/0.5 ML. We do not get on together! Listed are some 15 or so possible reactions and side effects, quite a few of which I have suffered from, including, nosebleed, soreness in heels,toes ,chest, loss of energy,sore throat, headache etc. Quite amazing to me that the heavy drug doses in Chop had left me untouched but this tiny syringe gets to me in so many ways.That ,of course, is as it is for different people experience different side effects and reactions, and mine are to this. Only 3 more to go though if all ok when I see Consultant tomorrow, so I can see them out, at least this time! Question is, can my wife hold herself in. She has looked after me wonderfully and will take it as a personal affront if the news is not encouraging! 


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