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Updated on August 26, 2010


 In an earlier hub, I related how I had managed to eventually overcome my fear of flying, which is all bound up with a general fear of claustrophobia of course. I commend that you read that hub and the attached link to understand both my problem and the way I found a solution that fitted me personally. Clearly faced with the unknown, but certainly confined space problem again, required some preparation mentally to put into place the, anxiety-fear-panic trilogy.

It was also suggested, by the young lady making my appointment that a trip to my GP and a prescription for Diazepam would help relaxation and this was duly done.


Thus at 2.30 pm I was dropped off in a wet car park at a Hospital. to mount the stairs of a lorry to receive treatment.The touring nature of the scanners may not seem state of the art but it helps efficiency with 15 scans/people done daily.

The all male, on this occasion, staff were very helpful and a radioisotope injection given quickly, after which I was assigned a lounger char in a corridor on the lorry deck to read my book for an hour with instructions not to talk! After 30 minutes I popped my Diazepam tablet and finally was lead off to urinate before entering the actual scan area.

Here you lay on a slim ,luge like stretcher and extend your arms above your head. Apprehensive, but in control. I was then told the scan would begin.

This was the signal for my eyes to shut and I felt movement and change of lights briefly, then nothing at all! Small wonder for the next I knew was the operator rousing me from a pleasant 30 minute slumber which had covered the whole operation!

So that which had been approached with apprehension turned out fine and another positive against panic attacks. I hope this helps others facing a similar prospect whilst for me it is a key unit along the way to an integrated treatment plan. Today we move on to another Hospital and a Heart/ Lung Function Clinic. No problems anticipated there but we shall see. 


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