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Updated on August 27, 2010

Heart and Lung Tests

 I visited the Hospital yesterday, for Heart and Lung tests. It was explained to me that chemo causes difficulties in the key areas of life and they need to know just how you are in the vital areas prior to kick off. In my case stress related asthma over 10/20 years ago was the need for scrutiny.

The tests, carried out by a pair of jolly ladies basically consist of blowing into tubes and holding, releasing, relaxing as advised by them.

The whole thing was effortless and around 20/30 mins and I was delighted to be described as perfect at the end of it. It is uplifting to know the body is with you for the battle ahead.

Waiting for the Marrow.

My next test is Bone arrow ,with local anaesthetic, needles to remove samples and the possibility of having pat of my pelvic bone chipped off. Not something to thrill over the Bank Holiday.

I have to try to keep energy up as the grand kids are coming and Grandad is usually at the heart of all games. They will be briefed but I fear I shall disappoint them somewhat.

Still not sleeping through the night despite Diazepam, any ideas?

So, we holiday, or rest till Tues when Ishall advise on the joys of the bone marrow event.


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