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Updated on September 7, 2010

Waiting for Godot

 After the hustle of last week, it seems I am back in the arms of Administration, wherever that may lead us,

My consult ,last Thursday, had me sign the chemo form which he was to pass without delay to the clinicians to make up the cocktail and also to arrange an overnight stay for the first set.

It was  felt that this week would be action stations, so the interminable weekend past acceptably.Since then nothing, save an appointment for mid Oct, presumably to check progress.. Thus, yesterday, I called in to check progress, which produced the usual admin flap as to who would have the paper work. Culmination was to ring back in two days if nothing received to pursue.

The key of course is that whilst admin has the rolling roll to perform for all, for people like me everyday without treatment seems a victory for the Lymphoma, which advises me 24/7 of its presence by being the only section of my perforated bowel operation,not to have recovered perfectly and thus prevents me from taking the walking exercise, I know my body is seeking.


One good aspect to emerge is the extra help that patients can receive and I shall be focusing on this in later hubs, subject to treatment arriving ,of course.Today, I received an excellent document from MACMILLANCANCER SUPPORT, giving full details of the CHOP CHEMO Treatment, possible side effects and sensible steps to take to assist the process. Absolutely, first class and up lifting to the waiting spirit.


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