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Updated on September 8, 2010


 After the elements of despondency, raised yesterday about the admin machine and its workings, it is truly a delight to say, the guys have done the job---and how!

I was contacted later yesterday and requested to appear TODAY,at a pre-appointment meeting to explain matters ahead of my admission on THURSDAY, for the start of the programme. What a weight lifted, at the thought that we were actually now poised to go.

Obviously what lies ahead is no day at the beach ,but at least we will have our soldiers fighting for us.

So this is a brief hub to say that things can actually work in big organisations and to thank all involved. To be going into battle has raised the mind set.


I am entering the unknown, and have no idea how I will function, or when I will have even energy to type updates, so please bear with me as we seek to record events in the hope that at some point they may be of aid to others as well as a personal journal. Hope to be with you again soon.Thanks for all the good wishes.


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