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I Had A Dream...Monster Feet

Updated on November 25, 2012

The Dream

The world of dream interpretation is often filled with pretty metaphors or confusing reference points. Learning to weed through the mix of images, and adding values and descriptions to what the mind has seen becomes nearly an art form. It takes practice to get the entire scope of a dream written down in an observable form. Even then...the process of sifting through the information takes some skill and a great depth of self knowledge.

Here is a dream from 2003. I have included it as it was written in present tense as well as the insights at the particular time.

The Dream & Interpretation:
I dreamed I could see foot prints in my back yard in the snow covered ground and as I was trying to figure them out. I saw new foot prints being laid down...but no feet. I followed them for a few steps then I could see the feet and that the feet didn't really belong to something human but something kind of monster looking...more like a big foot type of creature. They led to the fence where I saw them stop, then it paused and climbed over the fence and continue on. Very bizarre.

Insights and Interpretations:
Monster footprints....I am obviously working on some serious stuff and taking some serious steps to sorting it out. I am tracking through familiar territory but the ground is cold...representing old or frozen emotions. I follow them...searching for where they come from and where they are going...I see that it is coming from something invisible....then the feet manifest.

For instance, as I study what is happening with my emotions, I start to see where they have come from (out of nowhere but from the places I have tread in my past)...or what they are coming from. Not a far stretch with dream work. I have come to a block - the fence. But it only pauses and then climbs over the fence and continues. So the block I am at is only a bench point, sort of...there is more to address on the other side. Subsequent dreams this week have sort of shown me more pieces to this process and it makes more sense almost daily.

Since 2003, I have learned to dive into the emotional content of the self and the dream worlds with relative ease. At the time of this dream, getting familiar with the flow of emotions was difficult and many times the emotions would appear in "frozen" terms. This being depicted as Ice, snow, sleet or some other form of frozen emotion.

What I love about dreams is that they will tell you a story every time. The dreamer is really the only person qualified to adequately interpret their own dreams. However, the symbolic references of broad images like water...carry over in collective conscious and most often can be interpreted fairly consistently for the broad majority of people.

The most significant part of this dream which I have glossed over was the monster feet. I even titled it as monster feet. It is significant because even though it wasn't part of the dream I most spent time interpreting, it symbolically represents what a huge step I was taking in my life at the time.

Keeping your own dream journal and attempting to record as much detail as you can from the dream, helps train your mind to set structures up in your consciousness. What you are doing for yourself is providing an avenue to expand your awareness. You are defying the odds of the "only 2-10%" of our brains that are used...and actively accessing the other 90% that is available to you. The expansion of the mind is your reward.


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      7 years ago

      what an imaginative dream


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