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I Hate Funeral Liars

Updated on June 7, 2020
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Clive Williams is an internet researcher and writer on many genres. He has a BSc. Degree in Information Systems.

Funeral Lies
Funeral Lies

Those God Damn Funeral Liars

Condolences, Rest In Peace, Sympathy and many other things are said to the survivor of the person who has passed on. Death is a scary thing for most people as they fear the unknown. They will pass on from a world that they know and love and travel to a realm which no one knows for sure exist. While living, they enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, meaning they enjoy all the privileges of having a physical body. The human body enjoys, smell, taste, sight, feel and hearing. The living being can indulge in its favorite meal, make love to his or her significant other, go surfing the waves or simply petting a dog. But death, death as we know it will take these pleasures all away. It will bring us to a place we are unfamiliar with. Some believe death brings us to the nothingness. But alas, we are born to die right? But what do people know of us in life and what do they say about us in death. Well, some funeral speeches are an abomination to the life being celebrated. Let us take a look at people who make false claims about people who are dead and being buried. I call these people funeral liars.

Funeral lies
Funeral lies

Meet Tom The Tyrant

Tom is an educated and successful medium business man. He has done pretty well for himself and has managed to employ over fifty people in his business. He is very aggressive in his business deals and cares little how his actions affect other people lives around him. HE over works his staff, never motivates them, complains about paying bonuses on Christmas even though every year they surpass their targets. He seldom facilitates promotion and cancels Christmas parties every other year even though his staff works their butt off. It so happens that Tom caught a heart attack and have passed away.

His business associates all come to pay respect and of course a few of his employees. Jill, his secretary who he has talked down to everyday and did not sign off on her promotion is given the task on speaking on the workers behalf at Tom’s funeral. Jill and many others hates Tom’s guts. But she starts her speech with the following. “Tom, one of the most loved individual in the Textile Industry. His remarkable positive personality has brightened the spirit of all of us at Office with his warm spirit and motivational talks.” Everyone begins to roll their eyes and some people begin to leave as they know Jill is just a funeral liar who basically tries to paint a good picture trying to make a tyrant look good in death.

Why Lie At Funerals?

Why do so many people lie at funeral? Shouldn’t this be the day that the whole truth and nothing but the truth be told? Is there this secret code of death with stipulates that once the wicked is dead we should forgive their wickedness and paint them in wings and halo? I have seen funeral liars over and over time after time. We know the person who died is an evil sack of cat litter that the world is glad it got rid of. Yet in eulogy readings and tributes we hear magnificent characteristics being spoken of the evil bastard.

The only thing left for some funeral liars to do is to bury the idiot with world peace Nobel Prize. So I continue with my line of questioning. When people die, do we automatically send them off in a good light hoping that it will cleanse their rotting soul and give them a chance at the pearly gates? Do we scrape all the bad the person has done over the years and plaster them with flying pinatas? Or is it because we simply don’t want to be that guy? Yes, that heartless truth sayer. That guy who says it as it really is. That guy who doesn’t gives a rats ass about how the dead feels or how the relatives of the dead feels and calls out the wickedness of the dead as it is? Does respect for the dead means that we should all lie for the dead also? Doesn’t respecting the dead should mean that we be truthful about who the person was in life and also in death? What is the gain of the living for lying at the funeral? Even so, what does the dead gain?

There Is No Need To Lie At Funerals

My mother always told me that if you don’t have anything good to say about other people you should simply shut your trap. So understand this funeral liars. You don’t have to make up things at a funeral to say about the dead person. You don’t have to mention the bad about the person either. Simply say how the person lived his life within him/herself, not how the individual live life among other people. The less you say, the better. So go out there. Talk truth at the funeral or simply shut up!


Never lie over the dead. Once you do that you will anger the spirit and then you will be haunted by an angry ghost seeking truth and justice! Heed My Words!

© 2020 Clive Williams


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