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Healing Power From His Hands

Updated on June 13, 2015

I am Baleegh

I have close connection with God.
I have close connection with God.

This is the experience of my friend who has diabetes. He healed himself.

Let me share with you what my friend Baleegh story about his diabetes.

He said:

"For the passed 10 years I've lived in Manila as I lived in Costa Rica. My last trip to Manila I over indulged in chocolate candy that I brought as gift to my girlfriend.I didn't realzed that i was so very sick at the time.I had met a girl online a few months prior chatting on skype in cam.When she came to my condo ,she looked at me strangely and asked what happened to me.She said you look so skinny.

A month or so later I made a pit stop at my sis in Tracy,California with plans to visit maybe only a month. When she laid eyes on me, she says what on God earth happen to you? You look sick and your so skinny. You should go to the hospital now. I just gave her one of my looks and she says, I know you don't listen to no one but you better this time Baleegh, I'm telling you ,you need to go now. So I did as she asked... About two years prior I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 so maybe she wasn't over reacting. Arriving at emergency the nurse took my blood sugar and said that my blood sugar is very high 647 and normal is about 79 to 120! I was in trouble. My sis kept telling me that I had lost lot of weight and plus I had to pee every 30 minutes.
They gave me I.V. half the night and said if my blood sugar doesn't get down to at least in the three hundred range, they would keep me overnight. Thank God it lowered. I was ordered to return the following morning for more test.After all the test,the gave me enough pills to supply an army plus i had to take insolent 3 times daily. This was when I became very alarmed about my health.
I prayed to God to help me find away to cure myself. After about 3 weeks of shoving pills down my throat and shooting myself with needles, with God guidance, I tossed all the pills and needles. My blood sugar tested as low as 89! Another miracle from GOD"....


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