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I Keep Sweating.... How To Keep From Sweating Too Much

Updated on March 2, 2012

Do your hands keep sweating and do you have sweaty palms even when your note working out or doing anything strenuous? I keep sweating and suffer not so much from odor problems but more from sweaty armpits. I go through plenty of under shirts from sweating too much I often think its hydrosis or hyperhidrosis but I have found some good tips (which are below) that have helped me control my sweating

Do you put up with from a sweating complication and don't know what exactly to do regarding it? This concern is worse than most that men and women have to go through, because unlike other problems you cannot just mask it until you stop it. One example is, if you lived with halitosis you could possibly just use chewing gum or even a breath mint, but for individuals that suffer from sweating difficulties it goes further than that. No level of deodorant will cover the odor, certainly nothing will get rid of us from having obvious sweat spots. It develops into an interpersonal issue at that point, and often it may look like you will never be able to find something to assist. If this sounds familiar then you're one of many.

Thousands of us have problems with excessive sweating problems, a problem that actually hasn't been offered enough press or research. There are many different methods that this dilemma could show up as well. Personally it had been that I would sweat through my t-shirt immediately. In fact, sometimes I might come out of the shower and by the time I had been toweled off I was already sweating. I even sweated just writing this article to be truthful.

 Many of us that are suffering from sweating problems tend to do things that mask the issue without getting right to the fundamental cause. The pharmacies are packed with items, such as creams, sprays and gels that advertise to stop the sweating problem once and for all, but if you have tried them, as I have, you already know that they are doing little to assist the issue. If you are suffering from a sweating problem you'll need something that will take good care of it at the source rather than just remove a number of the more apparent negative effects.

 So if you feel experiencing sweating problems it's best to seek a remedy that is all-natural and it has helped others previously. It's good to be free from my sweating conditions, I don't miss them whatsoever.

Tips to Keep From Sweating

1) Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes. If you sweat through your clothing, it's going to less obvious on light hues, along with a loose fit will make it possible for fresh air to flow next to your body.

2) Don't wear soft silk or synthetic fibers (like nylon material and polyester) next to your skin. It may cling to skin and reduce ventilation. As an alternative, wear 100 % cotton. In reality, natural cotton perspiration shields can be worn beneath clothing to offer a supplementary level of protection; take a look at a few options (including shields that can be worn with sleeveless clothing and ones which are disposable or cleanable)

3) Try to look for a great antiperspirant with aluminum chloride. This is actually the active component in many antiperspirants that works well by preventing the pores to reduce sweat from escaping. While you could have heard rumors about aluminum chloride being connected with illnesses for example cancer of the breast, it's never been tested to raise any health problems


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    • Admiral_Joraxx profile image

      Admiral_Joraxx 6 years ago from Philippines

      Great tips McConnell, I actually have the same problem before. I don't understand I easily sweat even with very little exertion. The change of clothing material is great actually, and also changing bath soap. Avoiding soaps with high synthetic moisturizers can help lessen sweating. Thanks again for sharing this. This will help a lot of people out there. =)

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      I treated a man for excessive sweating. He had to bring a change of shirt where ever he went it was that bad. Every physical symptom has a subconscious reason and it turned out that his excessive sweating had an emotional root cause from his childhood.

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 7 years ago

      Deodorants can also help in reducing body emissions or odours that come as a result of sweating.

      If you are sweat profusely, avoid wearing black colored clothes and wears, because black is a bad radiator of heat, it rather absorbs heat and as a result of this, cause discomfort for you.

      White colored clothes, undies and briefs can also help, because white reflects light, which reduces the intensity of the sun or the environment we find ourselves.