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Updated on April 2, 2011

Opportunities in Florida

I need a Dietitian and nutritionist to help plan food and nutrition programs, supervise meal preparation, and oversee the serving of meals in a local facility here in Fort Lauderdale.

In Florida but specifically Fort Lauderdale, there are numerous facilities in need of Dietitians to help prepare meal plans for the elderly in nursing or retirement homes.

In addition, I need a Dietitian to help me lose weight.


A Friend's Experience

Most people don't even realize the important role Dietitians play to help prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and recommending dietary modifications.

Case and point, a close friend of mine didn't even realize he was overweight, well not just overweight he was obese. When he checked his BMI or body mass index it read 37.4 well needless to say he wasn't very thrilled. In addition, to make matters worse his doctor informed him he had high cholesterol, and high glucose. So, he was a high risk candidate for heart disease and diabetes.


He was told, he needed a Dietitian. I remember him say, "Why do I need a Dietitian? I can lose weight and get my diet under control on my own." Well, after six very long months, he hadn't lost one pound and his glucose and cholesterol readings were the same, no change at all.

I explained to him that a dietitian that specializes with diabetes would help him prepare tasty meals with less salt and help him reduce his cholesterol. Most people don't realize that dietitians have to have years of training, a bachelor's degree in dietetics, foods and nutrition, food service systems management, or a related area. Some even have masters and are required to be licensed, certified and registered in their state before they can practice or place advertising for their services.

 I explained, that he needed a dietitian to help him lose weight.

Local Dietitian

Well, my friend finally contacted a local Dietitian and told her he needed help to lose weight. He asked, "Are you a registered Dietitian?" And the Dietitian replied, "That's what my license says!" We still laugh about that today. She was hilarious and had a really great sense of humor until she explained her consulting fees. Needless to say she was charging the same amounts as some doctors. That’s not a bad thing, but it just wasn't affordable for my friend.

The Dietitian, went on to explain her credentials and areas of expertise and reassured my friend that she could help him lose weight.

She asked, if he had insurance. Which he did and she explained she only worked with a handful of insurance carriers and her costs may actually be covered, since it was for medical necessity. Fortunate for my friend she accepted his health insurance carrier and was able to help him lose weight.


Weight Loss

After about six months of getting consultations and meal plans along with exercise. He actually lost 59 pounds a lot more than he’d expected. When he checked his BMI, it read 28.2. He was very happy with that but he still needs to get below 25.0 to be considered normal weight.

Many people are starting to realize that they need a dietitian to help them to lose weight and help assist them with their weight loss goals and health but more important is seeking a Dietitian for good nutrition. 

Good Nutrition

Many people are starting to realize that they need a Dietitian to help assist them with their weight loss goals and health but more important is seeking a Dietitian for good nutrition.

What good is it to lose a bunch of weight and be left feeling completely tired, depleted and void of energy at the start of the next day?

Going on a diet can be seriously dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. You may go a low carb diet and it maybe the wrong diet plan for your health.

Most men need more protein and more calories than women. What’s healthy for one person may not be healthy for the next person. Each person has their own unique needs for nutrition.

Some persons may lack or be more deficient in iron, potassium and the list goes on. So, if you're not sure, ask a Dietitian! They spent years in school to help people with their diet, nutrition, meals and emotions.

Elderly Folks

Elderly people need a Dietitian. For some reason as people get older and go through the different stages of the life cycle, they become moody, they get depressed, their on meds, they have tons of aches and pains and other illnesses. So, they need someone who has taken biology, psychology and every other kind of ology to help then deal with their specific situation.

Dietitians Needed

That leads us back to the very beginning of this article entitled, “I Need A Dietitian.” Anyone looking for work as a Dietitian, will not be unemployed due to a lack of opportunities because there are many, here in Florida.


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