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I Run

Updated on April 4, 2015

Run Girl Run

I run because there is something soothing to my spirit that I only find in the rhythm of feet against the ground...

I run in the vain attempt to regain a semblance of my former self in both mind and body...

I run because it is quite possibly the only time in my week that I am not taking care of others; feeding, clothing, teaching, or washing my children...It is when I take care of myself.

I run because sometimes there are frustrations or hurts that I cannot form into words and their expression comes through my soul and out my soles...

I run so I can listen to my eclectic playlist way too loud, blaring songs that are not appropriate for my children ears...

I run because sometimes the sky is so beautiful I feel the need to try to catch it by chasing the horizon...

I run because sometimes I like to feel like my lungs are going to explode and my legs might ignite into flames...

I run because the fresh air clears my head, the sweat cleanses negativity from my body, and the ache in my muscles alleviates the aches from my heart.

I run because I like having an excuse to wear bright pink sneakers, no makeup, and a ponytail...

I run to feel more alive and connected to the world around me, to step outside of my immediate sphere of my life and be part of a bigger picture...

I run because I love to be immersed in the changing seasons... Sweltering summer runs when the sun glows white and I can see the heat rising off the road... Crisp autumn jogs under golden canopied trees with the crunching of leaves beneath my toes... Soggy spring sprints when daylight lingers a bit longer and bits of green peek through the mud... And winter dashes when my nose and cheeks go pink, my lungs protest the inhalation of frigid air, and fat snowflakes assault my eyes.

I run because I am stronger, happier, and (hopefully) a bit more sane with each mile I put behind me.

Running Sneaks


Going to Get My Run On

gotta run fast to keep warm on winter runs ;)
gotta run fast to keep warm on winter runs ;)

My Playlist - Not kid friendly

an hour of me time
an hour of me time


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