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I Smell Going Home

Updated on September 9, 2015

I smell going home

My shadow obediently follows

My dusty face pauses for breath

It is and isn't right

I bawled like a kid

Like a child that longs for his mother

In a momentary convulsion of homesickness

I stirred the wind, drained my tears and produced a smile

Then stepped out into the dust

Scarcely touching the ground as I left

Dirt road to the hardtop

On the empty highway

Down the way alone road weary and hungry

I must have slept with my eyes open

This is no place for solitude

In a little while

I must have gathered curses

There is nothing here but night

Weird times stark through the night.

Evil moves about unnoticed

I rapidly disolve

Into darkened emotion

Time takes longer to happen

Everything runs down yet never quite stops

I imagine

Everything terrible

My family and friends will receive me

But in what spirit?

Have I done something wrong?

Silent, slowly moving, I outlast the weather

And the wind blows away doubt

From my violated space

Covered in darkness, the dust of stars

And the troubling lack of home

Here one summer night

Distance forms a stronger bond.


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