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I Wet My Pants Every Time I Cough Or Sneeze, What Can I Do? (How To Control Your Leaky Bladder)

Updated on September 22, 2014

What Can I do About My Leaky Bladder?

This  soothing waterfall can provoke a leaky bladder.
This soothing waterfall can provoke a leaky bladder. | Source


Have you ever laughed so hard that you had to walk out of the room backwards to hide the giant pee stain on the back of your pants? Wetting your pants can get out of hand. The good news is that this problem can be treated.

An Ongoing Stream Of Humiliation:

A running waterfall should be a serene site to behold, but due to my leaky bladder the sound of running water and its visual appearance terrifies me. Normal bodily functions such as coughing or sneezing can be horrifying as well. Every single time I cough or sneeze I can't help from wetting my pants.

This issue is very embarrassing. I'm too young to start wearing Depend Underwear For Women. What can I do to stop this ongoing stream of humiliation?



Dear S.C., a leaky bladder is a frustrating problem that many women try to shy away from.

Doctors say that there are many medical reasons why adults may suffer from leaky bladder conditions, also known as urinary incontinence- The inability to control the flow of urine and involuntary urination.

Why Is Urinary Incontinence An Embarrassing Problem?

A baby crawling. Wetting your pants is something that babies do because they do not know how to control their bladder.
A baby crawling. Wetting your pants is something that babies do because they do not know how to control their bladder. | Source

Urinary Incontinence Is A Embarrassing Problem Which Troubles Millions Of Adults

Urinary incontinence is a embarrassing problem which troubles millions of adults, mainly women often due to childbearing and the way in which their urinary system functions.

Normal situations such as coughing or sneezing can lead to uncomfortable pressure on the bladder which causes leakage.

The reason why urinary incontinence can be so embarrassing is because wetting your pants is humiliating, something that babies do; because they can't help their bodily functions. This uncomfortable situation hinders some adults as well.

A leaky bladder may start out as a few drops urine here and there, which may not bother some. However this condition can get worse as time goes on. Researchers say that many women have dealt with this problem 20 years or more. 11 out of 12 women fail to mention their condition to their physicians.

Incontinence doctors, who help to treat this condition have heard every horror story involving leaky bladder issues. Sad stories surrounding high profile women, such as lawyers and businesswomen who have wet their pants in front of their important clients. Troubling stories of women who could not attend family vacations to Niagara Falls or the Caribbean Islands because of their hindering condition.

How To Stop Your Leaky Faucet.

A picture of a non-leaking faucet. There is hope for your bladder.
A picture of a non-leaking faucet. There is hope for your bladder. | Source


In most cases this condition is common and treatable.

Consult A physician about your bladder condition.

Controlling a leaky bladder takes practice. Physicians suggest keeping a diary. In your diary record what you ate, drank, and when you utilize the bathroom as well as how often you leaked. This diary will help you and your physician track down the cause.

In the meantime there are some steps you can take towards recovery.

1. Watch your fluid intake.

2. Avoid alcohol and caffeine beverages.

3. Eat plenty of fiber.

4. Don't smoke

5. Maintain a healthy diet to help avoid extra pounds.

6. Use the bathroom when nature calls.

Some of the most troubling stories about leaky bladder issues could promote unnecessary worries. Most cases can be cured. If you do suffer from such discomfort finding a doctor that provides a comforting solution is key.

Natural Kegel exercise , commonly utilized after childbirth helps to strengthen the supporting muscles of the bladder and urethra can help control a leaky bladder.

With the help of a physician and by applying the steps above, a leaky bladder can be water under the bridge.

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Healthbreak: Treatment for a Leaky Bladder


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    • profile image

      Pauline Getty 10 months ago

      I had lot bother over past 6 months wetting my self aftrt coughing it has now become such a issue I'm scared leave house because of it x

    • swilliams profile image

      Emunah La Paz 2 years ago from Arizona

      Hi Sarah! I'm sorry to hear of your discomfort. This can be a very humiliating situation for women, since we are independent by nature. I suggest that you make an appointment with your primary doctor and ask him to find a specialist that can help you. In many cases with the proper treatment this issue can be resolved. Best Regards.

    • profile image

      sarah 2 years ago

      hi , my names sarah my leaks have taken over if i coughit just flows straight out its horriable i cant even go out much becoz of this im like this just two years it got to the stage if i feel the need to cough iv to get to the bathroom quick as if i dont i will comeplete wet myself like a baby does please help me im comepelety stressed over this

    • swilliams profile image

      Emunah La Paz 4 years ago from Arizona

      Hi Denise! Incontinence can be a very serious problem, it afflicts millions of adults. The most common is stress incontinence, leakage that can occur when coughing, laughing, exercising or lifting. Your doctor can refer you to a specialist. There are many medical reasons why many women may suffer from this problem. Certain medication in which requires drinking a large amount of water can cause this issue. However the right doctor will perform a series of test, and the good news is that this problem can be corrected. Many women are so embarrassed that they wait too long, which could lead to surgery. You're still young which means that a specialist should be able to treat your condition without surgery. Keep your Kagel exercises up they really do help. (I love all of your Hubpage articles you have a lot of resourceful information!) Continued Blessings!

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I am only 55, and am starting to have issues with this. The coughing and sneezing part is the worst. I have never totally let go, but can feel enough moisture to check. I do kagel muscle exercises daily and watch my fluid intake. What more can a doctor do for me?