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I Won't Grow Up

Updated on January 14, 2011

Still Childish

Still wanna "Catch 'em All"
Still wanna "Catch 'em All"
Died my hair at a car wash, yes I am in my car. ^_^
Died my hair at a car wash, yes I am in my car. ^_^
Playin' in leaves  3
Playin' in leaves 3

Thoughts on Growing Up

Now that I am at the tail end of my teen years with my 20th birthday coming up shortly, I have been thinking a lot about growing up.The thing is, I don't wanna grow up and never really have, not even as a child. Growing up has never made any sense to me. The whole idea of being older and not having any fun is absolutely absurd. I believe in growing as a person, but never losing your childhood. It's our inner child who keeps us who we are. Many of us forget that. Who is to say that being older means we have to conform to society's way of stressing and not living up to our dreams in order to be "responsible"? If you ask me, that is completely irresponsible. Yes, we should learn how to be responsible people, but that doesn't mean we give up on our dreams and stop having fun. Too many people get to my age and think "I better do the right thing and get the job that makes the most money for me and my family", rather than thinking "Hey, I can finally pursue my dream of becoming a ______". Following your heart and your dreams is the best thing you can do. Sure, it's not as easy as taking that boring high paying job right out of college, but in the long run all that work would be worth it. Let's face it life isn't easy, and as a "mature adult" shouldn't you be looking into your long term happiness, rather than the job that everyone else wants you to have? Also I am not saying people should pursue happiness at others expense, such as leaving your child at home or not paying your bills on time. I mean, find ways to follow your dreams rather than believing you could never live up to them. Where there is a will, there is a way. That saying is completely true. If you want something bad enough, you can work towards it. Being an adult, I still wanna go on random adventures with friends, wrestle around, make stupid jokes, be silly, and just all around have fun. I want to go and have sweet romantic dates, sneak out to no trespassing zones, and be a little bad from time to time, and no matter what anyone says, that doesn't make me immature. I think if anything it makes me a better person and in the end it will make me a better sister, friend, teacher, mother, and writer than I originally would have been. I guess all I am saying through this hub is that more people need to open their eyes to the world around them and have more fun even if society tells them otherwise. It will make the world a much happier place.


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    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 6 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      One of the reasons I became a teacher is so that I would never have to grow up. I enjoy acting silly and playing games and singing goofy songs and can as a part of my job. Now I am a grandmother and get to play those "childish" games with my two very young grandsons. Like the Toys R Us ad says "I don't wanna grow up..."

    • Garrett Mickley profile image

      Garrett Mickley 6 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

      Psht I'm 23 and I still play Pokemon.

    • Neon_Letters profile image

      Neon_Letters 6 years ago

      You reminded me of a friend of mine she has those exact same thoughts about life i always have a good time with her.

      don´t change.

    • Thunder Vixen profile image

      Thunder Vixen 7 years ago from The Heart of California

      Thank you, I will keep that in mind ^_^

    • shynsly profile image

      shynsly 7 years ago from Sierra Vista, AZ

      You are indeed "wise beyond your years", and I like (share) your philosophy! If I may offer two pieces of advice that might help you maintain it:

      A) Take care of your health now... I beat the crap out of myself in my early 20's (mostly due to the military) and now, in the beginning of my 30's, I'm already starting to pay the price for it. Makes it hard to stay young when you feel so old.

      B) Make sure you don't have kids before you're truly ready. I love mine to death... but there is simply no getting around it... once you have children, your own "childhood" is officially over.

      Not that there aren't trade-offs that make it worth it, just to say that anything you didn't accomplish before your kids come along is pretty well guaranteed to be chucked into the "regrets" column afterwords.