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I M Possible!

Updated on August 19, 2015

Life is a series of trials and tribulations. We go through a lot and consequently start losing confidence. We dig deeper and deeper until we reach the dark abyss of low self-esteem and then suffocate ourselves to death, without even realizing our worth. If we take a moment to reflect on life, most of us would realize that if we spent as much time focusing on the positivity around us as we did on bashing negativity, we could achieve much more. It gets very hard to appreciate life at times but each one of us should realize that all this chaos, this mess is leading towards something spectacular, something very beautiful. Hardships shape individuals and make them become more of who they are meant to be. But, some people can’t stand it at all and lose all the hope. Life brings certain situations where people start accusing themselves of everything. They believe that they don’t deserve anything good and they consider themselves responsible of all the chaos. They consider themselves merely a burden.

I believe, all of us have been there and it’s not something unusual. Human nature behaves this way. Losing confidence is very easy but it’s the courage you use to help yourself stand up, that counts. Every single person on the face of the planet goes through something that moulds them into something they never thought of being. But that’s the key to evolution. Isn’t this what’s happening since beginning? People change, circumstances change, environment changes. Every single thing changes but this is what leads towards future and what keeps us going. The importance of change can never be denied. After all, change is what brings beauty to life.

Well, if you still think that you are not worth it or you are a mess or you are one of the biggest problems, let me tell you that you are worth it and each one of us is a mess but a beautiful one. If you consider yourself as a problem or a problem-creator, then you must think of yourself as a problem solver, as well. If you’re brilliant enough to create a problem, you must have the brains to solve it. Try looking for positivity, everywhere. If you do so, you’ll be able to find light even in the darkest moments. You’ll find opportunity in every trial, possibility in the impossible. If you believe so, you’ll see it for yourself. The very step is going to be your breakthrough. After that, you’ll experience wonders unfolding their secrets to you. You’ll feel life talking to you and breathing itself into you. You’ll feel much more alive and will come to know the importance of life and all of its circumstances. It doesn’t take anything from you without giving something in return. With this mindset, everything you go through would be a learning experience. Nothing will ever make you feel frustrated because you’d know that nothing substitutes experience and whatever you go through this very moment would be counted as experience, someday. And don’t worry about the pits and falls because you see the sky more clearly when you’re on the ground. Think of it the very same way. Grounds and depths give better understandings of heights and help us achieve it.

Keep believing in yourself and keep pressing forward.


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    • profile image

      Anousha 2 years ago

      This is so motivating.

    • Ishamital profile image

      Ishamital 2 years ago

      So do I @MsDora.

      And I'm glad to know that it motivated you. :)

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for the motivation. "Everything you go through would be a learning experience." I believe that.