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I Am Light and to the Light, I Return

Updated on October 27, 2018
Sean Dragon profile image

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.

Our world cannot exist without light, for light is the primary source of life. What an excellent lesson the Universe has hidden in it!

— Sean Dragon

Light Is Life!

Science tells us that without the sunlight there would never have been living on this wonderful planet. Everyday plants through photosynthesis introduce energy into the ecosystems, an energy that is essential to the life of all organisms. We all need food, and all the food starts with the plants.
But the cycling movement of all elements and the other forms of energy (such as light, wind, hydropower, biomass energy) rely on the power of sunlight. The wind, the rain, the climate and all the fantastic ones that make up our world, have the power of light. Even the fossil fuels, on which we have supported our modern culture, come from stored biomass in which the original energy stored through photosynthesis. Even in oil, the stored energy is solar. That is "saved" light.

So light is life! This is why, from his first steps, man glorified the Sun, and he held a dominant position in all religions. Sun invincible! (Sol Invictus).

I have enough Light within me to eliminate any darkness that I have to face.

— Sean Dragon

Don't Live in the Dark

But this is an external manifestation of primordial inner truth. Our essence is the Light. We made of Light, and our soul and our spirit are constantly looking for it because away from it, they both dwindle and die like a plant that lives in the dark. There is no life away from the Light. As much as modern man tries to live in this way, believing that matter will offer him happiness, he cannot avoid this inner need for the purity and the blessing of the Light. We live in the dark, and we live unhappily.

There Is Only Light

But the Universe, in its immense love, has put a "safety" in this danger of being lost forever in the dark. It has not created darkness, only Light. Darkness is not self-sufficient, it only exists as long as the Light is absent. When Light returns, the darkness lost and Life blooms again. The Creator has hidden this beautiful message in every dawn, in every Spring.

So, is it time for our Spring, for our own dawn? Let's open up again the windows of our soul and fill our life with Light.

And then all the creatures of darkness, our fears, our lower passions, our guilt and our illusions will be lost, and our spirit will blossom again and grow vigorous and miraculous in Love. They will no longer have any power over us if we choose the Light. It is enough to choose it. So let's do it. Let's live again in the Light.

This is our nature.

We are creatures of the Light.

— Sean Dragon

© 2017 Ioannis Arvanitis


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